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From the Editor
In 2011, residential architect becomes a partner publication of the AIAfrom the editor In 2011, residential architect becomes a partner publication of the AIA

As of next year, residential architect, along with a handful of its sister publications, will be affiliated with the American Institute of Architects. Read more

Home Front
AIA 2010 Housing Awards AnnouncedAIA 2010 Housing Awards Announced

The 18 winning projects represent the best in residential design across four housing types. Read more

Architects Need to Learn to Work With Clients' More Stringent BudgetsPractice Architects Need to Learn to Work With Clients' More Stringent Budgets

In recessionary times, architects have to exercise their creativity and do more with less. Read more

Residential Architect Design Awards
dark horseconversation piece dark horse

No other RADA entry in recent memory has divided a judging panel as emphatically as did Villa Metamorphosis. Read more

Tea Houses, Silicon Valley, Calif.2010 rada Tea Houses, Silicon Valley, Calif.

The jury rhapsodized about this trio of outbuildings in California's Silicon Valley, naming it Project of the Year. Read more

Black White Residence, Bethesda, Md.2010 rada Black White Residence, Bethesda, Md.

Our judges were impressed by how this house by David Jameson, FAIA, pays homage to classical modernism. Read more

Yingst Retreat, Empire, Mich.2010 rada Yingst Retreat, Empire, Mich.

Surprising as it may seem, the requirements that gave rise to the Yingst Retreat were rather conventional: lots of light, room for guests, a view of the lake. Read more

Montecito Residence, Santa Barbara, Calif.2010 rada Montecito Residence, Santa Barbara, Calif.

Subdued and stunning are two adjectives not often uttered in the same sentence, but that's how the judges described this project. Read more

LC Ranch, Three Forks, Mont.2010 rada LC Ranch, Three Forks, Mont.

Lake|Flato Architects kept two regional precedents in mind when designing this Montana getaway. Read more

Claremont House, Chicago2010 rada Claremont House, Chicago

The elegance of schematic plans typically frays a bit on the way from trace paper to bricks-and-mortar reality, but architect Brad Lynch's house in Chicago seems to have made the trip unscathed. Read more

Hollywood Hills Residence, Los Angeles2010 rada Hollywood Hills Residence, Los Angeles

Griffin Enright Architects choreographed a series of simple moves that brought space, light, and architectural interest to this ordinary California home. Read more

Residence e2, Washington, D.C.2010 rada Residence e2, Washington, D.C.

The clients for this Washington, D.C., renovation have young children and a modern art collection—both of which tend to thrive in open floor plans. Read more

Addition to a Historic Cape on a Coastal Farm, Little Compton, R.I.2010 rada Addition to a Historic Cape on a Coastal Farm, Little Compton, R.I.

The rudimentary beauty of cows, a weathered barn, and utilitarian stone walls inspired a minimalist response to this restored cape/guesthouse and separate kitchen addition, part of a larger farmstead. Read more

Pilates Studio and Carport, Dallas2010 rada Pilates Studio and Carport, Dallas

Given a tight budget, Susan Appleton, AIA, LEED AP, produced an unfussy, yet elegant design for this pilates studio and carport. Read more

Bubeshko Apartments, Los Angeles2010 rada Bubeshko Apartments, Los Angeles

In restoring this two-building apartment complex by the Southern California modernist Rudolph Schindler, architect Eric Haas, AIA, drew two very lucky cards. Read more

the spreter studio, gladwyne, pa.2010 rada the spreter studio, gladwyne, pa.

Designed in 1934 by architect William Lescaze, who is known for his work on the PSFS Building in Philadelphia, this studio was slated for demolition until a sympathetic patron came to its rescue. Read more

Formosa 1140, West Hollywood, Calif.2010 rada Formosa 1140, West Hollywood, Calif.

With this West Hollywood, Calif., multifamily project, Lorcan O'Herlihy, FAIA, turns the concept of courtyard housing on its head—or, rather, on its side. Read more

Hancock Mixed-Use, West Hollywood, Calif.2010 rada Hancock Mixed-Use, West Hollywood, Calif.

This West Hollywood, Calif., project combines an impressive mix of uses in less than an acre. Read more

One Eleven Mixed-Use Development, Baton Rouge, La.2010 rada One Eleven Mixed-Use Development, Baton Rouge, La.

Our judges roundly praised this mixed-use building as a truly urban insertion and a shining precedent for a downtown undergoing a renaissance. Read more

Elm, Hidden Creek, Neb.2010 rada Elm, Hidden Creek, Neb.

Randy Brown, FAIA, LEED AP, is opposed to the typical suburban production home, so he designed the Elm model of the Hidden Creek 12-unit project to fly in the face of convention. Read more

Step Up on Fifth, Santa Monica, Calif.2010 rada Step Up on Fifth, Santa Monica, Calif.

This affordable housing for homeless and mentally disabled residents impressed the jury with its artful blend of private and semi-public zones. Read more

Lolomas, Clovis, N.M.2010 rada Lolomas, Clovis, N.M.

Dan Rockhill's portfolio contains historic restoration projects, public art pieces, high-design custom homes, and not much affordable housing. Read more

Claremont House, Chicago2010 rada Claremont House, Chicago

A well-designed stair is seldom merely a means of moving from one floor to another. Read more

Salt Spring Island Cabin, Salt Spring, British Columbia2010 rada Salt Spring Island Cabin, Salt Spring, British Columbia

In Tom Kundig's hands, a weekend cabin isn't just a cabin, but a metaphor for something else. Read more

House 99, Houston2010 rada House 99, Houston

Architects Gail Peter Borden, RA, AIA, and Brian Delford Andrews, RA, covered all the bases—affordability, sustainability, and energy efficiencyÑin this prototype Houston house. Read more

Community | City: Between Building and Landscape2010 rada Community | City: Between Building and Landscape

Marilys R. Nepomechie's proposal for revitalizing Smoketown, a historic African-American neighborhood in Louisville, Ky., won wide praise from our judges. Read more

Porchscapes, Fayetteville, Ark.2010 rada Porchscapes, Fayetteville, Ark.

Parks—not pipes. That was the rallying call behind Porchscapes, where a series of water treatment parks is the connective tissue for an entire low-income community. Read more

Other Articles
2010 Residential Architect Design Awards2010 Residential Architect Design Awards

We saw fewer RADA entries this year, but this may have been one of our toughest juries yet as you'll see just six Grand awards among the 26 RADA winners. Read more

Mod Cott, Burnet, Texas2010 rada Mod Cott, Burnet, Texas

The jury loved the way this Texas guesthouse and weekend retreat juxtaposes rough-edged elements and polished precision. Read more

Coffou Cottage, Michigan City, Ind.2010 rada Coffou Cottage, Michigan City, Ind.

Privacy was the primary objective for this weekend retreat. Read more

L-Stack House, Fayetteville, Ark.2010 rada L-Stack House, Fayetteville, Ark.

Before purchasing this compact suburban lot, Marlon Blackwell, FAIA, and his family observed it for a year and a half from a rental next door. Read more

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