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From the Editor
from the editor Clients Might Need Guidance on Classic Products

Architects know which products will stand the test of time, and those products will give clients the most for their money. Read more

Home Front
Summer 2010 Reading List homefront Summer 2010 Reading List

A fine crop of new books on architecture and design to help you catch up on your reading this summer. Read more

Stephen Kanner, FAIA, 1955–2010

L.A. modernist architect and founder of the A+D Museum passed away from cancer on July 2 at the age of 54. Read more

Green Piece
VAST Enterprises' modular lanscaping system green pieces VAST Enterprises' modular lanscaping system

VAST's recycled tire modular paving system promotes drainage. Read more

Sansin's Purity Stain green pieces Sansin's Purity Stain

Purity water-based stain penetrates wood and contains no VOCs. Read more

Niagara Conservation's Stealth toilet green pieces Niagara Conservation's Stealth toilet

The Stealth uses only 0.8 gallons of water per flush. Read more

K+B Studio
Dutcher Creek Bath by Nielsen:Schuh Architects k+b studio / bath Dutcher Creek Bath by Nielsen:Schuh Architects

The master bath and powder of this California wine country house carve out distinct spaces without isolating themselves from the rest of the house. Read more

Dutcher Creek Kitchen by Nielsen:Schuh Architects k+b studio / kitchen Dutcher Creek Kitchen by Nielsen:Schuh Architects

This California wine country kitchen creates a coherent sense of space while never losing touch with its surroundings. Read more

right-sizing your price practice right-sizing your price

To sustain their businesses during the economic recovery, some firms are getting creative with their pricing. Read more

Architects' Choice
eternal light architects' choice eternal light

Historical Concepts: Lighting fixtures that "merge the old with the new for finely crafted, yet functional [...]" Read more

storyteller architects' choice storyteller

Historical Concepts: Rocky Mountain casts its products, in this case doorknobs, from bronze and applies various old world finishes. Read more

downright upright architects' choice downright upright

Historical Concepts: When columns are done right, nothing expresses the interrelationship between function, form, and beauty more elegantly. By Chadsworth. Read more

clear view architects' choice clear view

Antoine Predock Architect: John Lewis Glass cast glass: When the light comes in its truly magical. Read more

my mosa architects' choice my mosa

Julie Snow Architects: Royal Mosa ceramic tiles come in a variety of ceramic surfaces. Read more

in vitra veritas architects' choice in vitra veritas

Jasobsen Architecture: Vitraform glass products from Cherry Creek Enterprises are "delightful and powerful." Read more

toto, too architects' choice toto, too

Antoine Predock Architect: Toilets from Toto are always well designed and equally fuctional. Read more

zero gain architects' choice zero gain

Antoine Predock Architect: Sub-Zero refrigerators offer dual compressors, air purification, and spill-proof shelves, among other features. Read more

try this at home architects' choice try this at home

Julie Snow Architects: This paper-based surfacing, also also called Skatelite by architects, comes in 12 colors. Read more

valli girl architects' choice valli girl

Julie Snow Architects: This Serie Bernina handle from Valli&Valli is made from solid brass and comes in three finishes. Read more

reign of tara architects' choice reign of tara

Jasobsen Architecture: Dornbracht's Tara Classic faucet is a perennial favorite among architects—Jacobsen included. Read more

plug away architects' choice plug away

Jasobsen Architecture: Designed by architect Omer Arbel, the wall outlet from Bocci muds into drywall or any wall surface without a visible face plate. Read more

carry on architects' choice carry on

Sala Architects: A lightfall outdoor fixture by Hubbardton Forge is "a lanternlike light that recalls the time when we carried light and fire from place to place." Read more

nice curve architects' choice nice curve

Sala Architects: A custom fabricated, curved handrail by David M. Krueger Construction. Read more

perfect soak architects' choice perfect soak

Sala Architects: Kohler's Greek soaking tub gets Mahady's vote for a timeless design. Read more

good cover architects' choice good cover

Suzane Reatig Architecture: Wood fiber and resin panels from Trespa North America has a "large selection of vibrant colors." Read more

strong side architects' choice strong side

Substance Architecture: Read more

by the numbers architects' choice by the numbers

Suzane Reatig Architecture: Reatig is a fan of Bega light fixtures because "they are simple and classic." Read more

bounce in the step architects' choice bounce in the step

Suzane Reatig Architecture: Simply put, says Reatig, Johnsonite rubber flooring "is durable and fun." Read more

time travel architects' choice time travel

Khoury & Vogt Architects: Cement tiles from Aguayo Tile work inside and out, with their intricate geometric and floral patterns traditionally laid as carpets in living rooms and outdoor loggias." Read more

living light architects' choice living light

Khoury & Vogt Architects: Bevelo gas and electric lanterns, Khoury-Vogt says, "are timeless in their design and work with nearly any style, of architecture." Read more

hot stuff architects' choice hot stuff

Khoury & Vogt Architects: Viking appliances from Viking Range Corp. get the architects' vote for timeless quality. Read more

clear and present architects' choice clear and present

Substance Architecture: Traditional architectural glass isn't clear enough for Mankins, which is why he uses PPG's Starphire Ultra-Clear. Read more

grout out architects' choice grout out

Substance Architecture: When it comes to tiles, Mankins turns to Italian manufacturer Floor Gres for its wide range of products. Read more

grand openings architects' choice grand openings

Safdie Rabines Architecture: Weiland's lift-slide pocket doors allow seamless connections inside and out. Read more

hidden treasure architects' choice hidden treasure

Safdie Rabines Architecture: In keeping with its sleek aesthetic, Safdie Rabines chooses Soss' disappearing hinges from Universal Industrial Products. Read more

numbers again architects' choice numbers again

Safdie Rabines Architecture: Good design is priceless, so Safdie Rabines specs Hfele pulls from Hfele America Co. for high and low budget projects. Read more

antoine predock architect Architects' Choice antoine predock architect

"[Enduring design] dispels the notion of classicism. Something that has no stylistic baggage but is still timeless." Read more

historical concepts Architects' Choice historical concepts

"A small dose of whimsy or quirkiness, balanced by a hierarchy of massing, makes design truly enduring." Read more

julie snow architects Architects' Choice julie snow architects

"Enduring architectural products must be both beautiful and durable." Read more

safdie rabines architects Architects' Choice safdie rabines architects

"Rather than relating to a specific period of time or a particular style, a timeless design is simply an expression of a unique program and site." Read more

suzane reatig architecture Architects' Choice suzane reatig architecture

"Enduring designs will long outlive their designers." Read more

substance architecture Architects' Choice substance architecture

"I think that a product's design, or design in general, is enduring when it clearly reflects its use, works extremely well, and is direct. By direct, I mean it solves a problem in a very uncomplicated way." Read more

sala architects Architects' Choice sala architects

"Enduring design has a perceptible connection to the human body. Products or materials that display a humanlike form, are made by the hand, or invite use by the hand or body are somehow familiar to us." Read more

khoury & vogt architects Architects' Choice khoury & vogt architects

"We believe enduring design is defined by those who use it and love it. If something is loved, it will endure, no matter how ephemeral its material life may be." Read more

jacobsen architecture Architects' Choice jacobsen architecture

"Enduring design is the result of products that last because they fulfill their purpose, do not intrude beyond their function, and are not superfluous beyond their nature." Read more

cutler anderson architects Architects' Choice cutler anderson architects

"Enduring design is like good poetry ... the most said with the minimum use of words. In the case of physical design, this means the revealing of a story through the language that is inherent in materials." Read more

fire starter Architects' Choice fire starter

Cutler Anderson Architects: A Rais wood stove is an example of enduring design. Read more

great grab Architects' Choice great grab

Cutler Anderson Architects: High-quality, timeless door hardware. Read more

iconic columns Architects' Choice iconic columns

Cutler Anderson Architects: Thermador’s concealed 24-inch wide columns. Read more

Architects' Choice Architects' Choice Architects' Choice

Our annual Architects' Choice showcase features timeless materials selected by luminaries in the profession. Read more

Shelter Lab
aging with grace aging with grace

Perkins Eastman Architects, Chan Krieger Sieniewicz, and Stantec use sustainable and intergenerational design strategies to enhance senior living at NewBridge on the Charles. Read more

Planning Sisplamo Introduces Feel Shelving new material Planning Sisplamo Introduces Feel Shelving

Feel shelving features thick stainless steel members with polycarbonate shelves. Read more

Knight Wall Systems predesigned wall system new material Knight Wall Systems predesigned wall system

Knight Wall Systems come prefabricated to accept various cladding material. Read more

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet Artisan Fire Oven new material Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet Artisan Fire Oven

Artisan Fire oven creates restaurant-quality pizza at home. Read more

Diamond Teak's Spirit Song Collection new material Diamond Teak's Spirit Song Collection

Spirit Song brings warm yet modern design to outdoor furniture. Read more

Andersen Windows Releases A-Series Line new material Andersen Windows Releases A-Series Line

A-series exceeds 2010 Energy Star standards. Read more

Big Ass Fans Debuts Isis new material Big Ass Fans Debuts Isis

Isis brings large-diameter fans to the high-end residential market. Read more

Koning Eizenberg Architecture Koning Eizenberg Architecture

This office, built in the late 1990s, reflects the values of the California-based firm: speed, frugality, and sustainability. Read more

Other Articles
Stephen Kanner, FAIA, 1955–2010

L.A. modernist architect and founder of the A+D Museum passed away from cancer on July 2 at the age of 54. Read more

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