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From the Editor
from the editor let there be light

My family thinks if the sun has set outside, then it's time to use every available watt to illuminate the interior of the house. I, on the other hand, believe ambient light inside the house should follow the circadian rhythm of the day. Read more

Home Front
perspective: city green design perspective: city green

Robert F. Fox Jr., AIA, LEED AP, is no newcomer to green design. First at Fox & Fowle Architects and now at Cook+Fox Architects in New York City, he's devoted his career to creating spaces that respect the environment. Read more

brewing up community home front brewing up community

Lake/Flato Architects has widened its scope of work to include master planning. One such project, Pearl Brewery, is currently under way along the banks of the San Antonio River, just a mile and a half from the firm's offices. Read more

green horizon home front green horizon

Those who design high-end custom homes often dream of bringing their skills to a wider audience. For Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects, this notion is no longer a fantasy. Read more

hot prospect home front hot prospect

The Miller|Hull Partnership of Seattle is known for rigorously designed and executed custom homes and condo buildings, but Safari Drive, a sustainable mixed-use development in Scottsdale, Ariz., marks its maiden voyage as master planner and architect. Read more

Green Piece
Floors From 100-Year-Old Brewing Barrels green pieces Floors From 100-Year-Old Brewing Barrels

smarter choices for the future. Read more

Green Floor Adhesive Meets EPA Rules green pieces Green Floor Adhesive Meets EPA Rules

smarter choices for the future. Read more

Paper-Based Countertop Features Recycled Cardboard green pieces Paper-Based Countertop Features Recycled Cardboard

smarter choices for the future. Read more

Vacuum Monitors Cleaning Efficiency green pieces Vacuum Monitors Cleaning Efficiency

smarter choices for the future. Read more

Code-Approved Wood Stove green pieces Code-Approved Wood Stove

smarter choices for the future. Read more

Glass-Based Surfacing Suitable Over Walls, Floors green pieces Glass-Based Surfacing Suitable Over Walls, Floors

smarter choices for the future. Read more

Recycled Leather Yields Tiles green pieces Recycled Leather Yields Tiles

smarter choices for the future. Read more

Durable Bamboo Flooring green pieces Durable Bamboo Flooring

smarter choices for the future. Read more

K+B Studio
K + B Studio / Bath glass play

Like the kitchen downstairs, the loft's master bathroom draws natural light from a single source—this time from the window wall in the adjacent bedroom. A double-wide doorway with a frosted glass sliding door facilitates the flow. Read more

K + B Studio / Kitchen light duty

Architect Heather McKinney enhances the limited amount of natural light in her kitchen by using aluminum-framed frosted glass doors, clear glass shelves and artificial lighting. Read more

practice going green, affordably

Say green design, and what comes to mind are geothermal heat pumps, tankless hot water heaters, and roofs that plug into the sun. The most recognizable green features are also the priciest, and sustainable design is still viewed as an upgrade that only the well-off can afford. While there's some truth in that perception, the reality is changing as low-income housing developers join the party. Read more

new heights fractal simile

John Holmes, AIA, and Mack Selberg, AIA, have been talking for years about designing a building based upon fractal geometry. So, when some forward-thinking developers approached Holmes to do a multifamily high-rise in Portland, Ore.'s Pearl District, he called upon his old friend for help. Read more

new heights elbe pirouette

Sensitive urban revitalization often goes hand in hand with sustainability. When an underpopulated neighborhood blossoms, its city becomes denser and more resource-efficient. Read more

texas chill new heights texas chill

Arthur Andersson, AIA, looked to Southwestern cliff dwellings when designing Block 21 in Austin, Texas. The mixed-use project contains the television studios and performance venue for “Austin City Limits,” office and retail space topped by a W hotel, and private residences. Read more

new heights spin control

Rising above the sun-drenched skyline of Miami's Design District, COR aspires to green heights for renewable energy use, water conservation, and indoor air quality. In fact, when the 400-foot tower is completed, it will be the city's first sustainable, mixed-use condominium project, says architect Chad Oppenheim, AIA. Read more

new heights food for thought

Toronto-based Teeple Architects is interested in architecture that not only occupies its environment, but is a full-fledged extension of it. The 60 Richmond Street East Housing Co-operative project is an application of the principle. Read more

new heights vertical landscape

Zoltan E. Pali, FAIA, makes no bones about the steamy climate in Nausori, Fiji, where his firm, Studio Pali Fekete architects (SPF:a), is designing a pair of residential towers. Within this extreme environment, Culver City, Calif.-based Pali and his team created an evocative design that turns natural conditions to its advantage. Read more

new heights

To satisfy the world's growing housing needs in a sustainable way, many experts are recommending building up, not out. Whether that approach translates into structures of six or 60 stories, it will certainly result in denser neighborhoods, which generally consume fewer resources than sprawling ones do. Read more

Doctor Spec
doctor spec water woes

The U.S. freshwater supply is drying up. Well-documented shortages in the West have been spreading east to Atlanta, Florida, and the Carolinas, among other areas, and clean-water advocates and government officials are concerned. Read more

Driven To Xcell Architects' Choice Driven To Xcell

Rockhill and Associates: Xcell spray-in cellulose is used in lieu of fiberglass to prevent air leakage more effectively than conventional insulation. Read more

Ground Control Architects' Choice Ground Control

Rockhill and Associates: ECO-TERR's StabiliGrid ground-reinforcement system, manufactured from recycled polyethylene, mitigates stormwater runoff. Read more

Seeds of Change Architects' Choice Seeds of Change

Rockhill and Associates: Modular Green Roof Blocks streamline the installation of sod roofs. Read more

workspace o'neill conrad oppelt architects

Soon after the principals at O'Neill Conrad Oppelt Architects started looking for new office space, they learned their compatriots at Alamo Architects were doing the same. The two San Antonio firms decided to jointly purchase two old warehouse buildings in the city's burgeoning Southtown area. Read more

Other Articles
Concrete, Recycled Glass Pavers green pieces Concrete, Recycled Glass Pavers

smarter choices for the future. Read more

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