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From the Editor
From the Editor modern craft

I'm spending my weekends performing a task all baby boomers dread: I'm clearing out my parents' house. It's a cavernous place packed basement to attic with books, decorative objects, and furniture. Read more

K+B Studio
K + B Studio / Bath material witness

A conventionally rugged material like stone doesn't usually play a lead role in a contemporary palette. But Davis wanted the house to blend into, rather than dominate, the wide-open landscape. Read more

K + B Studio / Kitchen bluff calling

The restaurateurs who own this Colorado home wanted a house that could absorb entertaining on a grand scale while also serving as a quiet refuge for their family of six. A 12-acre parcel of ranchland edged by sandstone bluffs gives them the peace they see Read more

a passion for craft a passion for craft

Anne Fougeron, AIA, is the kind of architect who follows her endless enthusiasm for design, and it has taken her to far-flung places. “The Pantheon is one of my favorite buildings,” she says. “I had to stop breathing when I saw it for the first time.” A v Read more

creative license objects in stillness creative license

Architects who favor a streamlined approach to design in Washington, D.C., have often felt constrained by the city's prevailing preference for traditional styles. But times are changing, just a bit, and local design pros are discovering more clients willing to push the envelope and embrace the unexpected. Janet Bloomberg, AIA, and Richard Loosle-Ortega, RA, principals of Washington-based KUBE Architecture, encountered such free-thinking clients on this extensive remodel of a claustrophobic three-level brick home. Read more

my own private iowa objects in stillness my own private iowa

Paul Mankins, FAIA, LEED AP, connected artistically with the owner of this Des Moines, Iowa, loft right from the start. In fact, his first thought about how to approach the long, narrow shell and its panoramic skyline views resonated perfectly with the ow Read more

tranquility zone objects in stillness tranquility zone

Most architects are lucky to find a client with a little design knowledge or background. Dion McCarthy, AIA, landed in an even better situation when creating this beach house in Ventura, Calif., for a pair of design connoisseurs. The wife, Hyon Chough, ow Read more

desert variations objects in stillness desert variations

World-class paintings and sculptures possess a constant ability to surprise. The more you look at them, the more you see; different layers and meanings reveal themselves with each viewing. This high-desert house outside Santa Fe, N.M., by San Antonio's La Read more

Architects' Choice
globus trotter Architects' Choice globus trotter

Single Speed Design: Globus Cork tiles in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Read more

curve appeal Architects' Choice curve appeal

Single Speed Design: Laminated bamboo from Smith & Fong. Read more

rhein tone Architects' Choice rhein tone

Single Speed Design: RHEINZINK's eponymous building material. Read more

Other Articles
frosty view off the shelf frosty view

high-end appliances turn the daily grind into afternoon delights. Read more

hot attraction off the shelf hot attraction

high-end appliances turn the daily grind into afternoon delights. Read more

cool connection off the shelf cool connection

high-end appliances turn the daily grind into afternoon delights. Read more

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