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From the Editor
From the Editor the 98 percent solution

Architects need to stop hiding behind the erroneous notion that they design only “2 percent” of all houses built today. Read more

Home Front
remodel, c'est moi remodel, c'est moi

In her latest book, The Not So Big Life (Random House, $24.95), residential architect Sarah Susanka, FAIA, focuses her formidable problem-solving skills not just on our houses but on our very lives. Read more

report from the front practice report from the front

Susan Maxman, FAIA, started her architectural practice in 1980—an era she calls the Dark Ages for women. On one project for a Dayton, Ohio, couple, the husband refused to believe she was an architect until he saw the registration credentials in her office. Read more

Residential Architect Design Awards
camouflage house, green lake, wis. 2007 RADA camouflage house, green lake, wis.

Every once in a while, an architectural perfect storm occurs. Read more

Custom / More than 3,500 square feet
1748 n. winchester, chicago 2007 RADA 1748 n. winchester, chicago

Homes on skinny urban sites tend to have few opportunities for windows, resulting in dark interiors. But Mark Peters, AIA, came up with a light-gathering strategy for this Chicago residence. Read more

mianus river residence, stamford, conn. 2007 RADA mianus river residence, stamford, conn.

“This house is almost John Pawson-like; it's so spare it sings,” said one judge. Another praised its “quiet celebration of connections” and the way it hits the ground. Read more

new fork social club residence, pinedale, wyo. 2007 RADA new fork social club residence, pinedale, wyo.

“Our clients were moving from a major city to Wyoming and came with a preconceived notion of a log cabin,” says Eric Logan, AIA. Read more

btr, bethesda, md. 2007 RADA btr, bethesda, md.

David Jameson Architect, Alexandria, Va. A split-foyer fix often calls for drastic measures, and this project was no exception. Read more

oshry residence, bel air, calif. 2007 RADA oshry residence, bel air, calif.

What impressed the judges most about this house was the way Zoltan E. Pali, FAIA, used public and private space to break up its long bar shape. Read more

Custom / 3,500 square feet or less
r3, san diego 2007 RADA r3, san diego

Lloyd Russell, AIA, was thinking of New York City's Flatiron Building when he decided to tackle this weird triangular lot, just 2,000 or so feet from a San Diego International Airport runway and next to one of the city Read more

kansas longhouse, rural douglas county, kan. 2007 RADA kansas longhouse, rural douglas county, kan.

This rural Kansas project reminded the jury of Australian architect Glenn Murcutt's work. “There's something about the strength, beauty, and simplicity of this house that is just wonderful,” said one judge. Read more

freezer panel walkout, eulogy, texas 2007 RADA freezer panel walkout, eulogy, texas

Shipley Architects, Dallas. These homeowners, who travel frequently, wanted to see the stars from their bed. Dan Shipley, FAIA, the designer of their existing house, “encouraged them to be a little daring” in how they got their wish. Read more

artist bridge studio, san diego 2007 RADA artist bridge studio, san diego

This studio addition creates an airy, light-filled workspace for an artist client. Read more

arkansas house, johnson, ark. 2007 RADA arkansas house, johnson, ark.

The owner of this fire-damaged house wanted to restore whatever could be saved, but he also sought a better connection to its verdant surroundings. Read more

the ventana, washington, d.c. 2007 RADA the ventana, washington, d.c.

This condo building may evoke the International Style, but it does so while paying respect to Washington, D.C.'s historic identity. Read more

the museum residences, denver 2007 RADA the museum residences, denver

Designed by Studio Daniel Libeskind, Architect with Davis Partnership Architects, The Museum Residences complements the extension to the Denver Art Museum, acr Read more

loft23, cambridge, mass. 2007 RADA loft23, cambridge, mass.

Strung between two parks, the glass-and-copper Loft23 takes modern urban housing to a new level. Read more

the union, san diego 2007 RADA the union, san diego

The taut, well-scaled buildings of this sustainably designed townhouse complex won high praise from the jury. Read more

Single-family production / Attached
the 505, houston 2007 RADA the 505, houston

Collaborative Designworks, Houston. James M. Evans, AIA, never set out to be a developer. But when the Houston-based architect and his wife, Catherine, couldn't find a house that appealed to them, he decided the only way to get what they wanted was to cre Read more

Single-family production / Detached
biltmore colony, palm springs, calif. 2007 RADA biltmore colony, palm springs, calif.

Biltmore Colony's architecture is referential to Palm Springs, Calif.'s modernist history, but DesignARC Los Angeles infused the project with up-to-date models of land planning as well. Read more

danielson grove, kirkland, wash. 2007 RADA danielson grove, kirkland, wash.

Ross Chapin Architects, Langley, Wash. This modest “pocket” development shows production housing in a whole new light. It marries “plan and design in a good way,” said one judge. “It's not just about the appearance of architecture—it's about culture.” Read more

lillian place, san diego 2007 RADA lillian place, san diego

The cobbled-together site of this affordable family-housing community presented Studio E Architects principal John Sheehan with a difficult task. Read more

shervin mixed-use building, jackson, wyo. 2007 RADA shervin mixed-use building, jackson, wyo.

Bob Shervin has been county commissioner and mayor of Jackson, Wyo., so he knows firsthand how desperately the expensive resort area needs affordable housing. Read more

Architectural Interiors
artist's studio, seattle 2007 RADA artist's studio, seattle

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but in the hands of Tom Kundig, FAIA, rudimentary solutions become bold and celebratory. Read more

ontario 301, washington, d.c. 2007 RADA ontario 301, washington, d.c.

When it came time to liberate her dark, disorienting apartment in a Beaux-Arts building, this client—a psychiatrist—prescribed an orderly, austere environment, perhaps as an antidote to the daily hazards of her practice. Read more

guesthouse and party barn, hico, texas 2007 RADA guesthouse and party barn, hico, texas

“I'd like to have a party there,” said one juror. The others agreed, saying the simple, yet beautifully detailed, space “really sings.” Dan Shipley, FAIA, kept forms basic because he didn't want the addition to upstage the main Read more

roddy/bale garage, bellevue, wash. 2007 RADA roddy/bale garage, bellevue, wash.

This multipurpose outbuilding was designed on a modest budget, but it rises above its humble endowment. Citing its beautiful construction and detailing, our judges gave it a Grand award. Read more

Architectural Design Detail
jackson family retreat, big sur, calif. 2007 RADA jackson family retreat, big sur, calif.

Flawlessly executed details such as this house's wafer-thin roof, delicate Alaskan yellow cedar rainscreen, and translucent walls captured the judges' attention. Read more

On the Boards
sheridan street housing, philadelphia 2007 RADA sheridan street housing, philadelphia

Our judges gave Interface Studio kudos for the overall strength of this project, but what really impressed them was how the firm arranged the townhomes on a long city block. Read more

wapiti valley residence, wapiti valley, wyo. 2007 RADA wapiti valley residence, wapiti valley, wyo.

Wyoming's rugged character tends to attract adventurous souls. Two of this intrepid breed found their way to Lori Ryker and Brett W. Nave, looking for a vacation house that's at once “aggressive and interesting” but re Read more

moen pool and guesthouse, des moines, iowa 2007 RADA moen pool and guesthouse, des moines, iowa

This simple but elegant guesthouse gazes across a pool to the owner's eco-conscious house, designed in the 1970s by Ray D. Crites, FAIA, a well-known Iowa architect. The main house is about 120 feet lon Read more

2007 RADA sources

Product information from RADA 2007's winning projects. Read more

Other Articles
modular 3, kansas city, kan. 2007 RADA modular 3, kansas city, kan.

This modular residence by Studio 804, architect Dan Rockhill's student design/build program at the University of Kansas, barely touches the ground. Read more

2007 residential architect design awards 2007 RADA 2007 residential architect design awards

Our residential architect Design Awards now constitute the single biggest and most selective residential architecture competition in the country. Read more

studio pali fekete architects (spf:a)

Zoltan E. Pali, FAIA, and Judit Méda Fekete, LEED AP, developed and designed the building of their dreams. And once they built it, people came. Read more

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