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From the Editor
From the Editor what were they thinking?

Here at ra, we look forward to our design awards competition every year, always excited about what our jury of architects will elevate to Project of the Year. Read more

Home Front
deconstructing prefabdeconstructing prefab

They came for the house tours and the rotating deejays. They came for the 100-plus exhibitors, including furniture makers, interior designers, and architects. But the 7,500 people who attended CA Boom 3 in March also came, in large part, to learn more abo Read more

peace talks2006 RADA peace talks

Architects who've never been involved in a professional liability claim should count themselves lucky—and knock on wood. Those who have know how quickly a lawsuit can turn ugly. Litigation typically takes on a life of its own, consuming the feuding partie Read more

Residential Architect Design Awards
modular 1 and modular 2, kansas city, kan.2006 RADA modular 1 and modular 2, kansas city, kan.

The prefabricated nature of Modular 1 and Modular 2, which share residential architect's 2006 Project of the Year award, intrigued the judging panel. Read more

Custom / 3,500 square feet or less
delta shelter, mazama, wash.2006 RADA delta shelter, mazama, wash.

Tom Kundig, FAIA, likes concrete and steel because they are indestructible materials, and the fact that many of the parts used in this tiny cabin could be fabricated off site and bolted together quickly and inexpensively. Read more

assembled residence, east hampton, n.y.2006 RADA assembled residence, east hampton, n.y.

By assembling a series of prefabricated components, Paul Masi, AIA, created a well-crafted, interactive building that can adapt to the owner's lifestyle changes. Read more

solar umbrella, venice, calif.2006 RADA solar umbrella, venice, calif.

Sure, this solar-powered house costs almost nothing to run. But what most impressed the judges was its thoughtful site analysis and the way the landscape slips in and out of the house. Read more

house on beverly ranch road, beverly hills, calif.2006 RADA house on beverly ranch road, beverly hills, calif.

The orderly floor plan at this bold modern residence captured the judges’ attention. So did its restrained materials palette and spotless execution. Read more

ski house, sugar bowl, calif.2006 RADA ski house, sugar bowl, calif.

At once deeply practical and cleverly articulated, this house in the Sierra Nevada Mountains is designed to withstand earthquakes and the 12-foot snow loads that are standard in this part of the country. Read more

house on the connecticut river, essex, conn.2006 RADA house on the connecticut river, essex, conn.

Architect Chad Floyd’s house sits on the north cove of the Connecticut, River, in a colonial-era shipbuilding town. Read more

additions to historic west st. mary's manor, st. mary's county, md.2006 RADA additions to historic west st. mary's manor, st. mary's county, md.

The orderly floor plan at this bold modern residence captured the judges’ attention. So did its restrained materials palette and spotless execution. “It doesn’t have a flaw,” marveled one judge, speaking of the entire project. Read more

clean drinking house, chevy chase, md.2006 RADA clean drinking house, chevy chase, md.

Keep it simple. This was Richard P. Williams' mantra as he renovated his family's 1943 kit house. The architect knew even before he started sketching that he would upgrade the windows and add a copper roof. Read more

orange grove, west hollywood, calif.2006 RADA orange grove, west hollywood, calif.

Although Orange Grove looks nothing like the pitched-roof bungalows that surround it, a judge pronounced it “a good neighbor. Read more

adams row at 2301 champlain street, n.w., washington, d.c.2006 RADA adams row at 2301 champlain street, n.w., washington, d.c.

This upscale condo building in Adams Morgan, a vibrant multicultural neighborhood in northwest Washington, D.C., got the nod from our judges, who admired its human element, the thoughtful use of brick, and the “Florentine palazzo concept.” Read more

langston lofts, washington, d.c.2006 RADA langston lofts, washington, d.c.

Located in a historic Washington, D.C., neighborhood where automobile showrooms were standard streetscape fixtures, Langston Lofts’ scale, rhythm, and materiality put a contemporary spin on the area’s industrial past. Read more

back of house, dallas2006 RADA back of house, dallas

If outdoor spaces are unappealing they go unused. So Dan Shipley, FAIA, made sure his renovations to this 1960s ranch house shaped its previously uninteresting, alley-facing backyard into a favorite hangout. Read more

Single-family production / Detached
bougainvillea courtyard homes, vero beach, fla.2006 RADA bougainvillea courtyard homes, vero beach, fla.

These four Spanish colonial homes differ dramatically from their 1970s-style ranch neighbors, but thanks to careful planning and simple massing they blend right in. Our judges noticed, with appreciation, “the real thought” given to the project. Read more

barrio metalico, tucson, ariz.2006 RADA barrio metalico, tucson, ariz.

These nine homes were conceived as idiosyncratic, low-budget specials to jump-start a mixed-use neighborhood while the architects worked on an adjacent three-year conversion of an old icehouse into lofts. Read more

curran house, san francisco2006 RADA curran house, san francisco

The judges observed that Curran House has “great street smarts,” and what more could you ask of high-density housing for economically struggling families in San Francisco's gritty Tenderloin District? Read more

k lofts, san diego2006 RADA k lofts, san diego

An affordable project at the edge of downtown San Diego, K Lofts looks like any other progressive, market-rate building—which is exactly the point, says Jonathan Segal, FAIA. Read more

Architectural Interiors
cooper square, new york city2006 RADA cooper square, new york city

The judges praised the way the architects of this loft residence preserved parts of the raw structure while beautifully detailing the modern insertion. Read more

overton retreat pavilion, mcminnville, tenn.2006 RADA overton retreat pavilion, mcminnville, tenn.

Chip Webster couldn’t stifle his inner geek. Read more

canyon view office/guesthouse, los angeles2006 RADA canyon view office/guesthouse, los angeles

Few people enjoy sitting in traffic, especially in smog-ridden Los Angeles, yet many people like perching in a tree house. Stephen Kanner, FAIA, relieved this homeowner’s frustrating commute by designing a home office inspired by a neighboring tree house. Read more

modern speakeasy, lawrence, kan.2006 RADA modern speakeasy, lawrence, kan.

Dan Rockhill may be the only architect in the country who's designed a home restaurant. The zoning-be-damned outbuilding he fashioned for a Lawrence, Kan., chef serves as the dining room of a not-quite-legal establishment run by the owner and his wife. Read more

commonage kitchen, great falls, va.2006 RADA commonage kitchen, great falls, va.

After two days of tough choices, the jury unanimously cheered for this “perfectly done” kitchen renovation in which “nothing [was] out of place.” Read more

mccoy bathroom, alexandria, va.2006 RADA mccoy bathroom, alexandria, va.

Clint Larkan, Associate AIA, is a longtime fan of folded planes, and it shows in what our judges called the “beautifully executed” bath design he created for the McCoy family. Read more

Architectural Design Detail
2006 RADA parts house pavilion, milwaukee

Our judges called this project a “beacon for the neighbors.” Read more

low-country screens, charleston, s.c.2006 RADA low-country screens, charleston, s.c.

Having lived through Hurricane Hugo, this Charleston, S.C., homeowner wanted to make sure his new house could survive anything future hurricanes could throw at it. Read more

eastern market row house, washington, d.c.2006 RADA eastern market row house, washington, d.c.

The glass volume in this Washington, D.C., row house immediately calls to mind the famous quip that God is in the details. Read more

On the Boards
octavia arts, san francisco2006 RADA octavia arts, san francisco

The judges remarked on the clear presentation, ambitious goals, and contextual response of this mixed-use project designed for a slim San Francisco parcel. Read more

2006 RADA design awards sources

product information for rada 2006's winning projects. Read more

Other Articles
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How do you add or replace housing where it's needed, with sturdy construction, pleasing architecture, and, most important, day-to-day livability? This question was foremost in our jurors' consciousness as they embraced three projects for Project of the Ye Read more

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