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From the Editor
From the Editor credit where it's due

This issue marks ra's 10th anniversary. Read more

Home Front
back to the future

Architects never stop thinking about the future. Each drawing, site visit, and client meeting represents a step toward the eventual goal of a completed building, and then it's on to the next project. Over the years, a number of visionary designers have po Read more

what i saw at the evolution what i saw at the evolution

Residential design and construction have taken a dramatic track over the decade of Read more

Practice the decade ahead

A 10-year anniversary is a good time not only to look back and appreciate the progress you've made but also to do a reality check on where you're headed and then make the necessary course corrections. Read more

Practice the 10-year itch

For most architectural firms, it seems that 10-year anniversaries come and go without much ado. If the date's significance registers at all, it's treated as just another day in the routine. And yet, if you look back, there are plenty of reasons for self-c Read more

10 architects making a difference

Most of you probably don't remember your 10th birthday. But if you've practiced your profession for at least a decade, you know this milestone has significant resonance. What were you doing 10 years ago? And what have you achieved since? What hopes do you Read more

Architects' Choice
sub-zero Architects' Choice sub-zero

Sub-Zero refrigerator and wine-storage units. Read more

benjamin moore Architects' Choice benjamin moore

The Moore brothers started their paint company in a small Brooklyn, N.Y., building in 1883. Read more

polygal Architects' Choice polygal

Polygal plastic-based products. Read more

duravit Architects' Choice duravit

Duravit's collection of toilets and sinks. Read more

louis poulsen lighting Architects' Choice louis poulsen lighting

Light fixtures from Louis Poulsen Lighting. Read more

kohler Architects' Choice kohler

Kohler faucets and fixtures. Read more

marvin Architects' Choice marvin

Citing the Warroad, Minn.-based company's product quality, technical support, and willingness to take on almost any design challenge, our readers ranked Marvin as their preferred window brand whenever the budget allows it. Read more

pella Architects' Choice pella

Beginning its life producing a retractable window screen, Pella now makes its name manufacturing wood windows and doors. Read more

valli&valli Architects' Choice valli&valli

Door hardware from Valli&Valli. Read more

hot specs hot specs

Webster's dictionary defines “trend” as “a dominant movement revealed by a statistical process.” One entry later, though, it characterizes “trendy” as “fashion-following.” Read more

Other Articles
design zeitgeists

It's the cliché heard round the world: We Americans love our SUVs, our monster houses, and our super-sized meals. Current housing statistics do back up the general notion that homes in the United States are larger than ever before. According to the Nation Read more

kelly denk and john vetter architects making a difference kelly denk and john vetter

Vetter Denk Architects has taken the post-industrial town of Green Bay, Wis., by storm. Block upon block of prime waterfront footage, a marvelous working river—“urban theater like you wouldn't believe,” says John Vetter, AIA—and the city had turned its back on it. Read more

marianne cusato architects making a difference marianne cusato

It's fast, dignified, affordable, and flexible. It's the Katrina Cottage, Marianne Cusato's nifty alternative to the ugly FEMA trailers that were handed out after Hurricane Katrina. Read more

andrés duany architects making a difference andrés duany

Two months after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita flattened huge swathes of the Gulf Coast last summer, a flotilla of Congress for the New Urbanism members descended on Mississippi to design a way out of the devastation. Read more

architects making a difference peter pfeiffer

Earth Day—the first one, back in 1970—was a catalyst for Peter Pfeiffer, FAIA. Read more

maurice cox architects making a difference maurice cox

Mixed-use development, high density, and innovative architecture that fosters social interaction—these are Maurice Cox's ingredients for a great city. Read more

john v. mutlow architects making a difference john v. mutlow

As everyone knows, the British Invasion of the 1960s brought John, Paul, George and Ringo to American shores. But the United States welcomed another talented U.K. import around the same time: John V. Mutlow, FAIA. Read more

anne fougeron architects making a difference anne fougeron

Perhaps it's not surprising that Anne Fougeron, AIA, spent her childhood in Paris and her adult life in San Francisco—two cities celebrated for their magical quality of light. For almost 20 years she has been designing buildings with inventive configurations that respond directly to topology and climate, and if there is a hallmark of her houses, it is their luminosity. Read more

glenn murcutt architects making a difference glenn murcutt

From a regionalist's point of view, the best design starts with respect for the place. Perhaps that's why Glenn Murcutt's houses are so highly regarded, for he possesses an unparalleled sense of awe about his native Australia. Read more

john peterson architects making a difference john peterson

Most of the time, John Peterson, AIA, projects a laid-back personality—the kind you'd expect him to have after 15 years in mellow San Francisco. But get him talking about a project that Public Architecture, the nonprofit he founded, is working on, and suddenly he can't talk quickly or enthusiastically enough. Read more

architects making a difference terence riley

From his perch as the Museum of Modern Art's chief curator of architecture and design, Terence Riley, AIA, spent the last 14 years affirming the importance of architecture. Read more

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