November 2005 Table of Contents

From the Editor
in plain sight

The trouble with being a visionary is sometimes you have to wait 30 years for the rest of the world to catch up to you. Read more

Home Front
solar flair

It's easy enough to slap solar panels onto a roof, but integrating them into a graceful residential design is a tougher assignment. Read more

aqua moderne aqua moderne

Ponder this: You're at work, juggling the obligations of your thriving practice, and then you hear the chirp, squawk of the fax machine. Once you recover from your surprise that anyone still faxes anything, you take a look. It's an invitation to drop everything you're doing, buy a triple-shot espresso, and start pulling some all-nighters. Read more

K+B Studio
K + B Studio bath: hidden help

The standard sink fit into the apron of the countertop in Barb and Hans Gasterland's first-floor powder room is a good example of the kinds of design touches that architect Rosemary McMonigal used throughout the house. Read more

K+B Studio / Kitchen kitchen: body and soul

Over the years, Minneapolis architect Rosemary McMonigal has designed many homes for people with special needs. But the particular concerns that Minneapolis residents Barb and Hans Gasterland brought to her were downright daunting. Read more

native to place native to place

We live in disconnected times. We occupy space but know little about it. Instead of joining communities or neighborhoods, we buy houses and make real estate investments. Local and international initiatives demonstrate how sustainable design can forge stronger communities. Read more

after hours after hours

An intern who is halfway through the licensing exams, Dan Nicely, Fargo, N.D., is experienced in the dark side of architecture. He graduated in 1998 and soon found his way to an architecture firm that does primarily retail work. Read more

Architects' Choice
Outgoing Lam Architects' Choice Outgoing Lam

Semple Brown Design: Abet Laminiti's yellow laminates Read more

Top Drop architects' choice Top Drop

Semple Brown Design: Anta's drop pendant fixture Read more

Metal Medley architects' choice Metal Medley

Semple Brown Design: Metecno-Morin's metal products Read more

Residential Architect Leadership Awards
2005 leadership awards 2005 leadership awards

As we, the editors of residential architect, selected this year's Leadership Award winners, we sensed a deeper undercurrent of importance to this mission. That change in the air we all feel signifies a moment in time when architects finally have the ear of the American public once again. They are listening, they are learning, and they are hungry for answers to their questions. Read more

Hall of Fame: Sim Van der Ryn 2005 leadership awards Hall of Fame: Sim Van der Ryn

Decades after the first Earth Day thrust the environment into our nation's collective consciousness, the green building movement has just begun to gel. Although sustainable design is still a hard sell—and represents just a sliver of the housing market—it has come a long way since its origins in the back-to-nature movement of the 1960s. Read more

Top Firm: Frank Harmon Architect 2005 leadership awards Top Firm: Frank Harmon Architect

Frank Harmon has won his fair share of accolades for design over the years. But no occasion evoked such a pointed reaction to his work as the judging of the entries for AIA North Carolina in 1999, when Harmon swept the competition by winning three out of four Honor Awards in his home state. Read more

Rising Star: David Hacin AIA 2005 leadership awards Rising Star: David Hacin AIA

David Hacin, AIA, knows everyone. The 44-year-old architect can't walk through Boston's South End, where he lives and works, without a stream of greetings from shopkeepers, neighbors, and fellow dog owners. Even in the city's other neighborhoods, he regularly runs into friends and acquaintances, often from the close-knit local design community. “I grew up in a small town,” he says, by way of explanation. “There's something [I like] about knowing the lay of the land.” Read more

End Quote
inner vision inner vision

Australian architect Sean Godsell had brave clients indeed for this oxidized-steel-screened house: himself and his family. Read more

Other Articles
Mirror, Mirror off the shelf Mirror, Mirror

Good Earth Lighting's lighted mirrors Read more

Half Again off the shelf Half Again

Fire & Water's Lulu line of fixtures Read more

Split Personality off the shelf Split Personality

Lithonia Lighting's Ferros fixtures Read more

Window Dressing off the shelf Window Dressing

Justice Design Group's energy-efficient light fixtures Read more

Lights Out off the shelf Lights Out

American Fluorescent Corporation's Eureka series of outdoor lamps Read more

Covert Switch off the shelf Covert Switch

American Fluorescent Corporation's concealed onboard dimming switch. Read more

Inside the Box new material Inside the Box

Heat & Glo's gas fireplaces Read more

Ebb and Flow new material Ebb and Flow

Neo-Metro's Ebb console Read more

Hidden Assets new material Hidden Assets

Snaidero USA's Vela contemporary kitchen Read more

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