July 2005 Table of Contents

From the Editor
to have and hold

I admit I am powerless over my real estate habit. Every weekend is like Christmas to me, but I do work hard for my bounty. Read more

Home Front
summer reading summer reading

Most monographs follow a rather formulaic approach: project descriptions, photos, supporting plans, and drawings. Plain Modern: The Architecture of Brian MacKay-Lyons delves deeper, with a narrative by architect and historian Malcolm Quantrill. Read more

K+B Studio
double dipping

A vacation home usually promotes languorous living, and no room encourages relaxation like a soothing bath. But sometimes bathing is a practical affair and saving time the essential goal. Instead of balancing these opposing functions—waking up and winding down—in one large room, the two realms were divided in this project. Read more

retreat reclaimed

A tranquil retreat with strong outdoor ties and opportunities to display treasured mementos was the client's mandate for her second home, overlooking the bay in Sausalito, Calif. Read more

prospecting prospecting

My firm, Hutker Architects, has a multifaceted marketing program. One key ingredient is our Web site. It took a good deal of capital and person-hours to create, and the site continues to require attention to remain fresh. Read more

on site and in mind on site and in mind

Construction observation, also known as contract administration, is a phase of architecture that's clearly spelled out in AIA contracts. And yet it's a minefield, fraught with missteps by architects, interference from contractors, and nuances clients often fail to understand. Read more

light from both sides second sites light from both sides

David Salmela's modernism honors the past, the human need for comfort and warmth, and the north country's fleeting sun. A self-described modernist who admits, with a hint of bewilderment, to being controversial, Salmela routinely creates sophisticated houses that blend his own proclivity for minimalism with a talent for concocting domestic comfort. Read more

second sites escape from bellevue

Vacation homes appeal to us on an almost primal level because they hold a promise of freedom—from formality, self-consciousness, fussy posturing. It's no accident this full-time home also sheds those shackles. Read more

second sites divide and conquer

The owners of this summer house in East Hampton, N.Y., weren't looking to impress their neighbors. “They didn't want a typical East Hampton mega mansion,” says architect Bill Grover, FAIA, of Centerbrook Architects and Planners. “They were looking for a property where the house wouldn't be visible from the street.” Read more

second sites water rise

Some architects loathe review boards and the maze of requirements they impose. But Phil Regan, a partner at Hutker Architects, thrives on creativity within the lines—of review boards and of architectural context. Read more

Architects' Choice
radiant touch Architects' Choice radiant touch

Bisque radiators “appear like sculptures on the wall,” says Bloomberg, who speced one for this bathroom. Read more

resin d'etre architects' choice resin d'etre

Kube: Parklex is made from high-density Kraft paper impregnated with resin, and surface is always 100 percent natural wood. Read more

see through architects' choice see through

Kube: LUMAsite translucent plastic panels are cast from 100 percent acrylic or modified polyester resins to create tough shatterproof sheets, the manufacturer says. Read more

Doctor Spec
closing ranks closing ranks

Building a house on a sweet spot near the coast is a commission most architects covet. But when Hurricane Andrew slammed into South Florida, on Aug. 24, 1992, it made some reconsider the opportunity. Read more

pro choice soak up the soothing features of high-end home bathing. pro choice

Choose between a traditional Finnish sauna heater or nine infrared wall panel heaters in the Synergy combo sauna. Read more

expected showers expected showers

RainSkyM shower panel with three spray options operating individually or in combination. Read more

tranquility for two tranquility for two

The Consonance whirlpool comprises two distinct soaking areas and dual controls for a shared experience tailored to individual preferences. Read more

light lift spa treatment: soak up the soothing features of high-end home bathing. light lift

Morphosis I Alpha wraps comfortingly around bathers, encircling them in mood-enhancing Illumatherapy. Read more

serenity now spa treatment: soak up the soothing features of high-end home bathing. serenity now

With its gentle slopes at both ends, the Cerine tub invites repose. Heavy-gauge stainless steel in a satin finish retains the water's warmth, prolonging a sumptuous soak. Read more

hot seat spa treatment: soak up the soothing features of high-end home bathing. hot seat

Allegro modular saunas blend contemporary styling with Old World luxury. Read more

spacious sub spacious sub

With the PRO 48, Madison, Wis.–based Sub-Zero combines performance and design to offer a commercial-grade appliance for the home. Read more

home coming home coming

KitchenAid's washer has 3.8 cubic feet of capacity, 11 cycles, 1,200 rpm spin speed, and a 1,000-watt water heater; the dryer offers 7.5 cubic feet of gross space. Read more

simple shades simple shades

David 10 is made from Knoll Textiles' Imago panels, which combine resin and fabric. Read more

Digital Home
the skinny on flat-screen tvs the skinny on flat-screen tvs

Lawmakers and television-industry leaders are still squabbling over the turn-off date for analog TV that will officially usher in the high-definition age, but most custom electronics installation specialists are designing A/V systems as if the HDTV transition were yesterday's news. Read more

End Quote
the big idea the big idea

When the Modernist architect and industrial designer Eliot Noyes designed a house, he fixed its central concept in his mind and let the details flow from there. Read more

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