April 2005 Table of Contents

From the Editor
care and feeding from the editor care and feeding

As a deadline-driven journalist, I am addicted to the buzz of information, the adrenaline rush of last-minute multitasking. Like many busy professionals, I have succumbed to the siren call of productivity. But am I really more productive? Possibly so, but at what cost? Read more

Home Front
home front reinvention reiterated

A few of the architects who attended the Reinvention 2004 conference offer their feedback on how it went. Read more

home front reinvention revisited

When we first conceived of “Reinvention 2004: The Next American House” early last year, we envisioned a small event, hoping to attract 100 architects who were passionate about improving mainstream house design. Apparently, the time was right to do this because we closed the doors at 300 people—our maximum capacity at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles. Read more

home front raising roofs

Within days of the tsunami that swept away coastal villages across Southeast Asia last December, tens of thousands of people flooded the phone lines of relief organizations to pledge money and volunteer to help with the cleanup. Read more

K+B Studio
K + B Studio bath: shower play

Hidden behind a 7-foot-tall, free-floating headboard is a small passage to a simply sybaritic master bath. Its spare design belies the decadent offerings contained within the 270-square-foot space. Read more

K + B Studio kitchen: home entertainment

Preparing elaborate meals for an audience of friends, family, and even strangers is a major pastime for the owners of this Austin, Texas, home. Read more

a tale of two houses perspective a tale of two houses

Philip Johnson's Glass House is often cited as his best building. While it was completed before Mies van der Rohe's house for Dr. Edith Farnsworth, it is generally considered derivative of that project, even though the all-glass house was hardly invented by Mies. Read more

gilding the cage practice gilding the cage

A 47-year-old architect who owns a six-person firm in the Midwest is worried that her second-in-command is going to leave and start his own business. Her 15-year practice, which she incorporated five years ago, specializes in high-end residential remodeling, so she spends a lot of time training employees and hiring the right mix of personalities. Read more

in salsa veritas welcome signs in salsa veritas

At 150 square feet, Big Ten Burrito is a tiny space. But the Ann Arbor, Mich., eatery carves out an identity with some deft design moves by local firm PLY Architecture. Read more

welcome signs log haven

When Jeff Kovel left his first job in Telluride, Colo., little did he know the log cabin motif would reappear later in his career. After nine years spent working on hip, contemporary residential and commercial projects, the Portland, Ore.–based architect designed Doug Fir, a restaurant, lounge, and music venue heavy on hunting-lodge imagery. Read more

welcome signs cross purposes

The ascent of the big-box retailer hasn't been kind to elite writing instrument makers like the A.T. Cross Co. But as part of its rebranding and repositioning strategy, the company hired Boston architect David Hacin's firm to design a prototype store for its products. Read more

Architects' Choice
architects' choice Architects' Choice architects' choice

if clothes can make the man, then without a doubt products help dress a house for success. It doesn't matter whether the material or product you select is expensive or economical, only that you choose deliberately, tailoring it carefully to the spirit and function of the building you design. Read more

the real skinny Architects' Choice the real skinny

archi-tectonics: WetStyle's Collection Cube sinks are fabricated from a refined polyester resin composite containing a combination of natural and synthetic aggregates. Units can be installed in both undermount and above-counter applications. Read more

fine form Architects' Choice fine form

archi-tectonics: Dornbracht's line of faucets come in cast brass and all feature ceramic disk valves. Read more

architects' choice Architects' Choice architects' choice

archi-tectonics: Boffi's line of kitchen and bath furnishings include streamlined basins and sinks in limestone, ceramic, and stainless steel. Read more

ave varia Architects' Choice ave varia

archi-tectonics: 3form's resin-based architectural panels are free of volatile oragnic compounds, solvents and emissions. Panels can be had in 4-by-8-and 4-by-10-foot sheets up to an inch thick. Read more

chia roofs Architects' Choice chia roofs

kieran timberlake associates: Green Roof Blocks are modular metal blocks that measure 2 feet square and reduce stormwater runoff. Read more

think zink Architects' Choice think zink

kieran timberlake associates: Rhinezink panels are clad in zinc and can be used in both interior and exterior applications. Read more

green ground Architects' Choice green ground

kieran timberlake associates: InterfaceFlor tiles are made from recycled nylon and can be returned to the company for recycling after use. Read more

poly morphous Architects' Choice poly morphous

vetter denk architecture: Polygal 100 percent recyclable polycarbonate sheets are multi-walled sheets that provide high thermal insulation controlled daylight transmission, and UV protection. Read more

plain pulls Architects' Choice plain pulls

vetter denk architecture: Häfele's flat aluminum pulls come in a silver-colored anodized finish, as well as chrome-plated, black and gold-colored polish. Read more

chicago chameleon Architects' Choice chicago chameleon

vetter denk architecture: Chicago Faucets' 445-CP bathroom faucet features solid brass construction and an adjustable center for easier installation. Read more

hard choice Architects' Choice hard choice

vetter denk architecture: Roseburg's hardwood plywood features an okoume wood veneer and is available in pre-finished panels with a UV top coat. Read more

side ways Architects' Choice side ways

tigerman mccurry architects: McElroy Metal's raw galvanized steel siding is ideal for projects near the great lakes or the ocean because it is both sturdy and practical, according to architect Margaret L. McCurry. Read more

no makeup Architects' Choice no makeup

tigerman mccurry architects: CertainTeed's asphalt shingles can be mixed and matched in various color schemes, as opposed to trying to disguise the shingles as something other than asphalt. Read more

straight flush Architects' Choice straight flush

tigerman mccurry architects: Duravit's Starck 2 toilets are equipped with wash-down or washout flushing and come in both wall-mounted and floor standing models. Read more

viking conqueror Architects' Choice viking conqueror

albertsson hansen architecture: Viking's ranges come in gas, dual-fuel, and electric models, with convection baking and porcelain covered cast-iron grates. Read more

dutch treats Architects' Choice dutch treats

albertsson hansen architecture: Dutch firm Royal Mosa manufactures traditional ceramic, metal, and glass tiles such as Trocadero glazed ceramic tiles, shown here in classic white. Read more

hung over Architects' Choice hung over

albertsson hansen architecture: Marvin Windows' line of products feature 4 9/16-inch jambs, a range of wood interiors, and clear insulating glass. Read more

shingle power Architects' Choice shingle power

cutler anderson architects: Hard 2 Pole shingles withstand 130-mph winds, have a high insulation value, and are a renewable resource. Read more

able cable Architects' Choice able cable

cutler anderson architects: CableRail from Feeney Wire Rope & Rigging, is made from 1/8-inch-diameter stainless steel cable and QuickConnect-SS fittings. Read more

hint of color Architects' Choice hint of color

cutler anderson architects: Davis Colors' concrete color pigments can be mixed into wet concrete to make its tone more vibrant. The product is available in granulated form, liquid pigments, and ready-mix bags. Read more

revealing outfit Architects' Choice revealing outfit

cutler anderson architects: Reveal Designs partnered with architecture firm Cutler Anderson to design this sandblasted stainless and wood door handle. The lever suits passage or entry doors. Read more

cirque du solera Architects' Choice cirque du solera

wheeler kearns architects: Solera from Advanced Glazings is a high-performance translucent glass glazing system that is suitable for vertical and overhead applications. Read more

polyester blend Architects' Choice polyester blend

wheeler kearns architects: Strongwell's Extren composite structural shapes and plates can be used to reduce thermal bridging. The products come in many shapes and are made from fiberglass reinforcements. Read more

walk the cork Architects' Choice walk the cork

wheeler kearns architects: Expanko cork floating flooring is laminated with medium density fiberboard and available in 12-by-36-inch planks or a range of tiles in dimensions up to 12 by 36 or 24 by 24 inches. Read more

paradise above Architects' Choice paradise above

wheeler kearns architects: American Hydrotech's roof garden system provides stormwater management, improves a building's energy efficiency, processes airborne toxins, and re-oxygenates the air, the manufacturer says. Read more

go configure Architects' Choice go configure

stelle architects: Arcadia sliding aluminum doors and windows offer architects flexibility by mixing different sizes and types of windows together. Arcadia's line of products can be finished in dark bronze or clear anodized and painted bronze or white. Read more

concrete cover Architects' Choice concrete cover

stelle architects: Dansk Eternit's corrugated concrete roofing is made from cellulose-reinforced cement board and can withstand high winds and corrosion, making it ideal for coastal projects. Read more

bud light Architects' Choice bud light

stelle architects: Luceplan's Solar Bud is a solar powered exterior light fixture that automatically turns on as the sun sets. It is 0.6 inches in diameter and 15 inches in height, and it can be easily stuck into the ground. Read more

favorite sohn Architects' Choice favorite sohn

shope reno wharton associates: Tischler und Sohn offers windows in an array of species and configurations, including this mahogany casement window. Read more

back-up plan Architects' Choice back-up plan

shope reno wharton associates: Fairfield Woodworks takes the wood left over after veneers are sliced off and recycles it into wainscoting and other trim materials, such as this graduated horizontal hallway treatment made from old growth Douglas Fir. Read more

foam home Architects' Choice foam home

shope reno wharton associates: Icynene's soft foam insulation system is a water-based material that is sprayed into a cavity and then expands to 100 times its original volume. Read more

floor encore Architects' Choice floor encore

shope reno wharton associates: Paris Ceramics antique limestone floors are reclaimed from old stone floors then cleaned and formatted to fit into modern homes. Read more

good cover Architects' Choice good cover

shope reno wharton associates: Temple-Inland's eco-friendly 95-to-99-percent recycled content drywall offers the same price and performance as normal drywall, according to architect Allan Shope. Read more

weather not Architects' Choice weather not

good architecture: Dover custom wood windows feature insulated glass and two layers of weather stripping, while the custom wood doors have laminated cores. Read more

cuisine supreme Architects' Choice cuisine supreme

good architecture: LaCanche Ranges come in several sizes with removable searing grills and griddle plates, plate-warming cabinets, and external rotisseries. Read more

panel decision Architects' Choice panel decision

michael mcdonough architect: Winter Panel's structural insulated panels are composed of foam insulation sandwiched between two sheets of oriented strand board and ranges between thicknesses of 4½-to-6½-inches. Read more

golden lumbers Architects' Choice golden lumbers

michael mcdonough architect: Trus Joist's TimberStrand engineered products are made from laminated strand lumber and are free of knots, the company says. Read more

coup de grass Architects' Choice coup de grass

michael mcdonough architect: Smith & Fong bamboo flooring is made from laminated strips of what is essentially a grass and comes in unfinished or pre-finished formats measuring 3¾ by 75 inches. Read more

moore please Architects' Choice moore please

michael mcdonough architect: Benjamin Moore's Pristine Eco-Spec paints are low-odor, water-based paints and are available in flat, eggshell, and semi-gloss. Read more

tall guarantee Architects' Choice tall guarantee

mj neal architects: Peterson's oversized aluminum doors have the ability to mix fixed glass with operable panels and come with a 5-year warranty. Read more

re-tired Architects' Choice re-tired

mj neal architects: Tuflex uses recycled rubber from tires to make its flooring. Square tiles come in 2 ft.-by-2 ft. sections. Read more

pella appeal Architects' Choice pella appeal

stuart cohen & julie hacker architects: Pella's Architect Series windows have mortise-and-tenon construction, exterior-grade glue, and metal fasteners. Read more

open invitation Architects' Choice open invitation

stuart cohen & julie hacker architects: Designer Doors' standard line of garage doors include solid 1 3/8-inch Douglas fir frames, polystyrene insulation, and Western red cedar or medium density overlay plywood fronts. Read more

euro current Architects' Choice euro current

stuart cohen & julie hacker architects: Waterworks' faucets feature authentic European design and detailing, along with solid brass construction and ceramic disk cartridges. Read more

strong turn Architects' Choice strong turn

stuart cohen & julie hacker architects: The Estate Collection of lock and levers from Baldwin Hardware features solid forged brass knobs that are pick-resistant, saw-proof, and kick-proof, the manufacturer says. Read more

sliding high Architects' Choice sliding high

ms-31: Milgard's aluminum sliding patio doors come with low-E glass and mechanically joined corners that stay square and dry. Read more

the wheel reinvented Architects' Choice the wheel reinvented

ms-31: Roppe rubber flooring tiles can be used to absorb and reduce noise and are made from recycled tires. Read more

solid pretender Architects' Choice solid pretender

ms-31: Avonite's Studio Collection Frosted Glass solid surfacing emulates glass, concrete and metal and comes in a range of textures and colors. Read more

shiny side up Architects' Choice shiny side up

ms-31: Stainless steel siding from Ideal Mechanical is durable and low-maintenance, according to architect Sebastian Mariscal. Read more

paper work Architects' Choice paper work

graybeal architects: Richlite's paper-based surfacing is made from resin-treated paper that is pressed and baked into solid sheets. The material resists heat and stains, according to the company. Read more

color wash Architects' Choice color wash

graybeal architects: Sandhill Industries' glass tiles are offered in numerous colors and sizes and are made from 100 percent recycled material. Read more

lime twist Architects' Choice lime twist

graybeal architects: Le Décor lime plaster from TransMineral USA is made from natural lime and is free of acrylics and resins, the company says. Read more

best in glass Architects' Choice best in glass

graybeal architects: Vitraform's colored sinks are made from a double layer of laminated glass and come in two shapes and 12 colors. Read more

holey rail Architects' Choice holey rail

graybeal architects: McNichols' perforated metal comes in various hole patterns, gauges, materials, and sizes. In this case, architect Doug Graybeal incorporated it into a stair rail. Read more

essential oil Architects' Choice essential oil

nagle hartray danker kagan mckay penney: Penofin's Brazilian Rosewood oil penetrates wood, hardening and protecting individual fibers. Read more

tackling block Architects' Choice tackling block

nagle hartray danker kagan mckay penney: Pittsburgh Corning's glass block comes in an assortment of patterns, shapes, and sizes and can be utilized to allow light into spaces while maintaining privacy. Read more

fire brand Architects' Choice fire brand

nagle hartray danker kagan mckay penney: Architect James L. Nagle often uses lead-coated copper on home exteriors to make fireplace enclosures. Read more

cool disguise Architects' Choice cool disguise

nagle hartray danker kagan mckay penney: Sub-Zero's refrigerator drawers can be integrated completely into the cabinetry and fitted with matching custom fronts. Part of Sub-Zero's 700 series, the drawers are 27 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and come as a set of two drawers that can be configured in any combination of refrigerator and freezer. Read more

flex tile Architects' Choice flex tile

michael g. imber, architect: Ann Sacks' glass mosaic tiles come attached to 12¾-by-12¾-inch netted sheets and work for pool surrounds and interior applications. Read more

new depths Architects' Choice new depths

michael g. imber, architect: Deep Landing's handcrafted light fixtures have a “twist that indicates a new look for our generation,” says architect Michael G. Imber. Read more

action hero Architects' Choice action hero

michael g. imber, architect: Hardware Renaissance's hand-forged strike-bar spring latches “create a fun interaction between user and home,” according to architect Michael G. Imber. Read more

voc this way Architects' Choice voc this way

michael g. imber, architect: Farrow & Bell has used a raw material formula for its paints and wallpapers for more than 100 years and its paints' pure pigments emit very low VOC levels. Read more

bread winner Architects' Choice bread winner

siegel & strain architects: PrimeBoard wheat straw engineered with formaldehyde-free, emissions-free synthetic resin produces a lightweight board that the company says is harder and more moisture resistant than other particleboards and MDF. Read more

ash decision Architects' Choice ash decision

siegel & strain architects: Headwaters Resources fly ash cement comes from waste produced by coal-fueled power plants. Read more

yesterday's news Architects' Choice yesterday's news

siegel & strain architects: U.S. Greenfiber's Cocoon insulation is made from recycled newspapers and can be sprayed in wet or blown in dry. Read more

inside slider Architects' Choice inside slider

muse architects: G-U Hardware's Lift/Slide hardware system's parts are made from steel and zinc die casting. According to architect Stephen Muse, it permits the “effortless opening of multiple sets of large pocket doors.” Read more

big box Architects' Choice big box

muse architects: Lennox Hearth Products' Superior TM-4500 prefabricated box and flue is one of the largest in the industry, according to the manufacturer. The 45-inch-wide clean-faced product features a realistic brick interior. Read more

light touch Architects' Choice light touch

muse architects: Bevolo's gas and electric antique-style lights are fashioned from copper and brass and may be custom-made or adapted from some of the company's popular designs. Read more

neat and thrifty Architects' Choice neat and thrifty

albertsson hansen architecture: Ikea cabinets feature ¾-inch-thick particleboard, aluminum and tempered glass doors, and nickel-plated hinges. Read more

Doctor Spec
doctor spec kitchen exponential

The kitchen is one area where hopes spring eternal and infernal. Today's wealthy homeowners want tremendous function, jewel-like dazzle, and flawless craftsmanship in this hardworking room. That's why you may need an ace up your sleeve for these lavish projects: the European-style kitchen system. Read more

drawer store off the shelf drawer store

Cascading racks present each label clearly as the innovative Wine Captain drawers glide open and reveal a total of 43 bottles. A removable caddy lifts out for convenient transfer of three bottles to table or fireside. Each drawer maintains its appropriate temperature between 40 and 60 degrees. Read more

steel resolve off the shelf steel resolve

All stainless steel interiors contribute a commercial edge to Perlick's new residential wine cooler. The freestanding version is also clad in stainless; built-in models are finished with galvanized steel. More than 48 bottles fit into the 24-inch-wide unit, which can expand to a substantial 72 inches with optional refrigerator and freezer inserts. Read more

two tall off the shelf two tall

The Chateau Collection 6SMOD wine and beverage refrigerator stands 68 inches tall, doubling the shelf space of undercounter models. In addition to standard quiet compressors, digital display controls, glide-out racks, recessed interior lighting, and UV-resistant glass doors, the model can be configured three ways. Read more

hidden reserve off the shelf hidden reserve

Uncharged liquid crystals form random patterns to obscure the privacy glass on the GE Monogram Wine Reserve. Or, with an electrical charge, the crystals align so light can pass through and put the 57 bottles in view. Freestanding or built-in units feature unfinished cherry shelf fronts that can be stained to match existing cabinets. Read more

zoning code off the shelf zoning code

Red, white, and rosé all keep their cool in KitchenAid's Tri-Zone wine cooler. Up to 48 bottles rest comfortably as three different temperature zones are simultaneously maintained behind the ultraviolet tempered glass door. Select black, white, or stainless trim. Read more

polished presentation off the shelf polished presentation

A brushed stainless steel frame with polished chrome trim and Dacor's signature handle give the Epicure WineSteward its distinguished air. Top-mounted controls enhance the streamlined look. Reversible doors offer easy access. Seven full-extension wine racks hold up to 57 bottles. Read more

End Quote
grammatically correct end quote grammatically correct

Frank Lloyd Wright's first client in Los Angeles, the eccentric oil heiress Aline Barnsdall, didn't just want a house. She wanted a locus for the local theater community and a center for public art and gardens. Although her ambitious scheme was never fully realized, it did result in a residence that is itself a work of art. Read more

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