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From the Editor
From the Editor the dangers of digital cameras

When karaoke machines came out, suddenly everyone thought he was Frank Sinatra. Now digital cameras are clicking up a storm, and everyone thinks he's Ansel Adams. Read more

plans for the future practice plans for the future

is your archive ready for a repeat client, a lawsuit, or posterity? Read more

Residential Architecture Design Awards
blue ridge farmhouse addition, washington, va. 2003 RADA blue ridge farmhouse addition, washington, va.

When Bob Gurney's clients asked him to design an addition to their 1799 farmhouse in the rolling hills of Washington, Va., his first instinct was to imagine a Modern glass pavilion. "It seemed more respectful than a seamless composition," he says. "I wanted there to be no doubt about what was old and what was new." Read more

Custom / More than 3,500 square feet
georgian bay retreat, cedar ridge, ontario, canada 2003 RADA georgian bay retreat, cedar ridge, ontario, canada

The uncomplicated form and plan of this bay-front home in Ontario won the judges' admiration. The home's layout is organized along a circulation spine that parallels the austere, cedar-covered front facade. Read more

private residence, napa, calif. 2003 RADA private residence, napa, calif.

When faced with a site as lovely as this Northern California knoll, most architects wouldn't be able to resist designing a house that's just as dramatic. But Turnbull Griffin Haesloop restrained itself, and the result is a house whose intimate relationship to the land won over the judges. Read more

pacitti house, warwick, r.i. 2003 RADA pacitti house, warwick, r.i.

When asked for ideas that would drive the design of their house, these clients came up with a fitting metaphor: a Saab. The house, they said, should be like the car: clean of line, well-crafted, and a little quirky in form. Read more

Custom / 2,000 to 3,500 square feet
gosline residence, seattle 2003 RADA gosline residence, seattle

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson has built a national reputation for its expert handling of natural materials like wood and stone. But the firm is equally skilled at working with industrial elements. Read more

estes house, jamestown, r.i. 2003 RADA estes house, jamestown, r.i.

A greenhouse formerly on the site inspired the layout for architect Jim Estes' house, and its materials draw from utilitarian New England structures. When the greenhouse was abandoned in the 1950s, the site went completely wild. Read more

van sweden residence, sherwood, md. 2003 RADA van sweden residence, sherwood, md.

When Suman Sorg began designing a country retreat for a noted landscape architect, she focused on garden walls: "They're full of mystery, since you can't see what's behind them, and over time they turn into living, vertical gardens themselves." Read more

Custom / Less than 2,000 square feet
tower house, chicago 2003 RADA tower house, chicago

When Architect Rick Phillips purchased the tiny triangular lot in 1996, on the fringe of Cabrini Green, land prices were so low that he bought the adjacent lot, too. Phillips designed the Tower House for fun, knowing that someday he'd build a more serious house next door. Read more

private residence, st. helena, calif. 2003 RADA private residence, st. helena, calif.

Turnbull Griffin Haesloop's clients for this Napa Valley cottage wanted a single-story house. But their site, an idyllic hillside, lent itself to a two-story plan. Architects solved this problem by terracing the hillside with two stone retaining walls, creating a plateau. Read more

pool house at little falls, mclean, va. 2003 RADA pool house at little falls, mclean, va.

The pool pavilion reduces the architecture of the house to its minimal essence," says architect Randy Mars of this late addition to a house he also designed. The jury agreed, calling the pavilion "a little gem" and "just a great space to be in." Read more

rappahannock bend, king george, va. 2003 RADA rappahannock bend, king george, va.

The stunning guest wing that Mark McInturff, FAIA, added to a 1930s home in rural Virginia incorporates a raft of traditional elements from the American South. He chose white-painted brick for the walls "because it's a material I love and is appropriately Southern." Read more

martin shocket residence, chevy chase, md. 2003 RADA martin shocket residence, chevy chase, md.

If there were ever a project that was a no-brainer, this was it," laughs Mark McInturff, FAIA, describing his renovation of a 32-square-foot photographic studio behind a house in suburban Maryland. The original studio was fitted with tiny windows that looked onto a wide lot. Read more

loyola village, san francisco 2003 RADA loyola village, san francisco

Seidel/Holzman's orders for this project were simple: Provide affordable units for University of San Francisco faculty, students, and staff. But the location posed a more complex challenge: "The site was virtually sand," says Alexander Seidel. Read more

box & one lofts, portland, ore. 2003 RADA box & one lofts, portland, ore.

This is urban living," said the jury, who were impressed by the project's strong indoor-outdoor connections and neighborhood feel. Read more

radford court, seattle 2003 RADA radford court, seattle

This University of Washington student housing complex was designed to encourage community among its population of mostly married graduate students and their families. The jury felt the project achieved that goal, and did it with outstanding regard to the site's steep topography. Read more

venice beach lofts, venice, calif. 2003 RADA venice beach lofts, venice, calif.

Light, expansiveness, and self-expression—themes of contemporary California culture—converge in the design for the Venice Beach lofts. With their concrete floors, conspicuous air ducts, and metal bridges, they summon the atmosphere of an old industrial building. Read more

logan heights development, washington, d.c. 2003 RADA logan heights development, washington, d.c.

The architects at diVISION ONE, Inc., couldn't find a developer to build five contemporary town houses in the nation's ultraconservative capital, so they tackled the project themselves, becoming developers, contractors, and designers for the Logan Heights Development. Read more

Single-family production / Attached
phillips row, washington, d.c. 2003 RADA phillips row, washington, d.c.

The transformation of a forlorn school building into a sparkling complex of 14 single-family homes earned Suman Sorg, FAIA, high marks from judges. They admired her careful use of 19th-century proportions and the way the new Phillips Row houses fit seamlessly into a historic Georgetown neighborhood. Read more

Single-family production / Detached
copeland hill cottages at the greenbrier resort, white sulphur springs, 2003 RADA copeland hill cottages at the greenbrier resort, white sulphur springs,

Our judges praised the Copeland Hill Cottages development for its pedestrian-friendly neighborhood design and for architecture that "doesn't over-style itself." Nestled in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia, the cottages are part of the Greenbrier expansion plan, which sought to build 35 four-bedroom cottages within walking distance of the resort's main structure. Read more

the wellington neighborhood, breckenridge, colo. 2003 RADA the wellington neighborhood, breckenridge, colo.

The Wellington Neighborhood stands out not only for its architecture and master plan but also for its reclamation of a truly hardscrabble site. Previously home to a dredge mining operation, the land was severely damaged and pocked by great boulders. Read more

waterloo heights apartments, los angeles 2003 RADA waterloo heights apartments, los angeles

Koning Eizenberg Architects faced the usual affordable-housing challenges: making the design look customized when it had to be generic to meet budget; standing up to building officials and contractors who ask why details must be done well; and overcoming the resistance of neighbors. Read more

d.c. residence, washington, d.c. 2003 RADA d.c. residence, washington, d.c.

Unlike politics, architecture has second acts. This original kitchen was outdated, extremely dark, and cut off from the rest of the house, says Ralph Cunningham, but it's reincarnated as a light-filled space with a felicitous floor-plan flow. Read more

fiat lux "let the light flow," del mar, calif. 2003 RADA fiat lux "let the light flow," del mar, calif.

Because of a local law, 80 percent of the homes in Del Mar, Calif., are built partially underground. The dilemma that created for Jack B. Smyer II was how to deliver natural light to the basement bathroom of this house. Read more

Architectural Detail
belvedere lagoon residence, belvedere, calif. 2003 RADA belvedere lagoon residence, belvedere, calif.

This sunny little sitting area snuggles up to a handsome stone wall, which demarcates indoor and outdoor and public and private spaces of a renovated waterfront home. Read more

p + d house, omaha, neb. 2003 RADA p + d house, omaha, neb.

The attention lavished on a fireplace and built-in television cabinet in this suburban remodel impressed the judges. Architect Randy Brown actually tore a hole into the side of the house to line the TV up flush with the wall. Read more

Other Articles
2003 RADA residential architect design awards 2003

From more than 575 entries, judges of the fourth annual residential architect Design Awards chose 27 winners. Robert Gurney wins top prize for his blue ridge farmhouse addition. Read more

tick hall reconstruction, montauk, n.y. 2003 RADA tick hall reconstruction, montauk, n.y.

When a 1997 fire destroyed a summer residence in Montauk, N.Y., the home's owners weren't the only ones who mourned. The 113-year-old building, known as Tick Hall, was designed by Stanford White and sited by Frederick Law Olmsted, and its loss represented a significant blow to the architectural community. Read more

mckinley bathroom, omaha, neb. 2003 RADA mckinley bathroom, omaha, neb.

When a Home Depot opened up in Omaha, Neb., it sparked a subversive idea in local architect Randy Brown's mind. "You can buy a bath there and basically plug it into your house," he says. "We decided to do the opposite." Read more

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