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Residential Architect Design Awards
taylor house, scotland cay, bahamas2002 RADA taylor house, scotland cay, bahamas

From the very beginning, Raleigh, N.C., architect Frank Harmon, FAIA, knew that designing a house in the Bahamas would be a test of his design and organizational skills. Read more

Custom / More than 3,500 square feet
push-pull house, chevy chase, md.2002 RADA push-pull house, chevy chase, md.

In its second act, this suburban house mixes Modernist forms with those of its traditional postwar neighbors. Working with the existing foundation walls, architect David Jameson split the house in two from front to back. Read more

georgian residence, washington, d.c.2002 RADA georgian residence, washington, d.c.

The jury admired the way this well-executed Georgian clung to its cul-de-sac curve and mitigated a steeply sloped site. They also commended the architects for deftly handling its hefty square footage. Read more

Custom / 3,500 square feet or less
cyronak house, block island, r.i.2002 RADA cyronak house, block island, r.i.

The judges admired the simple lines and casual attitude of this summer and weekend residence on remote Block Island, R.I. At 1,040 square feet, it's the smallest built house that Newport, R.I., architect James Estes has ever designed. Read more

slough cove residence, martha's vineyard, mass.2002 RADA slough cove residence, martha's vineyard, mass.

Architect Mark Hutker divided this guesthouse on Martha's Vineyard into two sections, both based on traditional vernacular building forms. While the house is very much in keeping with local design traditions, Hutker and his team put their own spins on time-honored ideas. Read more

sisson cottage, goosewing farm, little compton, r.i.2002 RADA sisson cottage, goosewing farm, little compton, r.i.

If great art elevates the ordinary, this renovated cottage is architecture at its best. Bohlin Cywinski Jackson preserved an old farmhouse's simple proportions while adding magic with light and lath. Read more

fine renovation, jamestown, r.i.2002 RADA fine renovation, jamestown, r.i.

This summer-cottage addition and renovation in Jamestown, R.I., won the judges' approval for its sensitive weaving of old and new elements. Architect James Estes' clients had asked him to add on two guest bedrooms and to improve the existing, 1,060-square-foot residence. Read more

cozzens residence, washington, d.c.2002 RADA cozzens residence, washington, d.c.

Bethesda, Md., architect Mark McInturff, FAIA, was wary of working with the local design review board when he took on this renovation in the historic Georgetown section of Washington, D.C. His plan for the structurally unsound row house involved stabilizing the building with helical concrete piers imbedded as much as 60 feet into the ground. Read more

the city of tomorrow, malmo, sweden2002 RADA the city of tomorrow, malmo, sweden

A former brownfield polluted by a Saab factory is now the site of the most environmentally advanced apartment complex in this Swedish city, a ferry's ride from Copenhagen. Read more

montage, palo alto, calif.2002 RADA montage, palo alto, calif.

This transformation from suburban parking lot to high-density housing for university students and young professionals was "extraordinarily well-done" said the judges. Architect Alex Seidel calls his architecture eclectic, with its mix of materials and imagery drawn from the area's agricultural antecedents. Read more

park hill north condominiums, washington, d.c.2002 RADA park hill north condominiums, washington, d.c.

The success of Ralph Cunningham and Lee Quill's first multifamily project has nothing to do with beginner's luck. "It was a true collaboration," says Quill. The architects not only produced an alluring design within 80-foot-wide-by-90-foot-tall constraints, but respect was thoughtfully paid to the neighbors. Read more

Single-family production / Attached
center townhomes, portland, ore.2002 RADA center townhomes, portland, ore.

Orderly and urbane, Center Townhomes was designed to fill a hole in the local market for young professionals and empty-nesters. For Otak Architects, it was a welcome chance to design a series of contemporary buildings in a city that caters to architecture of other eras. Read more

Single-family production / Detached
2002 RADA the villas at golden eagle village, superstition mountain, ariz.

This project's unusually strong relationship to its desert site in a master planned community near Scottsdale, Ariz., earned it winning marks. "It's contextual with its surroundings and sits gently on the landscape," said one judge. Read more

westcott at ladera ranch, plan one, ladera ranch, calif.2002 RADA westcott at ladera ranch, plan one, ladera ranch, calif.

single-family production / detached / merit Read more

pensione esperanza sro hotel, san jose, calif.2002 RADA pensione esperanza sro hotel, san jose, calif.

Faced with reconciling artistry with the constraints of a limited budget, architect David Baker, FAIA, brought dignity and a sense of play to a building for very-low-income tenants. Read more

snyder affordable housing, aspen, colo.2002 RADA snyder affordable housing, aspen, colo.

The Snyder Affordable Housing project sparked controversy among neighboring homeowners, who were fearful of its density and potential to lower property values. In the end, the project won the neighbors' praise, just as it won over our panel of judges. Read more

On the Boards
2002 RADA venice beach lofts, venice, calif.

Steven Ehrlich Architects' design for this four-unit loft project caught the judges' attention with its high level of livability. Read more

atlantic commons, atlanta2002 RADA atlantic commons, atlanta

The Atlantic Commons redevelopment project will be a self-contained metropolitan neighborhood with lofts, terraced apartments, and townhouses. Read more

Other Articles
2002 RADA 2002 residential architect design awards intro

If you're a residential architecture junkie, every shelter magazine is somewhat frustrating. In this issue, the editors of residential architect try to satisfy your hunger and ours for a smorgasbord of gorgeous, interesting, provocative, or just really nicely done houses. Read more

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