Tucson, AZ

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Barrio Historico House, Tucson, Ariz.

HK Associates puts a contemporary spin on a traditional desert building type. More

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Custom Home of the Year

The 2012 Custom Home of the Year is a brilliant reinterpretation of the traditional urban courtyard house. More

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1st Avenue Commercial Office, Tucson, Ariz.

An old fried chicken restaurant becomes a new light-filled architecture studio and... More

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Case Study: European Standards Drive Performance

What European markets can teach us about low-energy, low-carbon construction. More

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Barrio Historico House

2011 Annual Design Review: Live: Citation More

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Water: A Resource at Risk

How widespread water shortages, driven by climate change and population growth, are shaping our future. More

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ra50: Ibarra Rosano Design Architects

Ibarra Rosano Design Architects embraces the inside as well as the outside. More

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terra firma

Bill Mackey, RA, and his wife, Rachel Yaseen, are true urbanists. The Tucson, Ariz., residents don't own a car, preferring instead to walk or to get around on bicycles or via a golf cart—which, apparently, is street-legal there. More

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the six, tucson, ariz.

The houses in this Arizona infill development didn't have anywhere to turn. Built on the back sections of deep lots, four of the six face private drives and the fences of nearby buildings. More

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