Duluth, MN-WI

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Midwestern Modernist Firm Integrates Local Culture Into its Design Work

By the time Residential Architect profiled him in our July 2005 issue, David... More

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The Original Sports Bar

Sports celebs opening restaurants is nothing new. In 1929, there was the Naniboujou Lodge. More

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ra50: Salmela Architect

David Salmela blends region-specific modernism with the human need for comfort. More

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salmela architect

Sun-drenched white walls, taut wood, and trim slate-gray floors are trademarks of David Salmela's Scandinavia-inspired architecture. Add a cobalt blue conference table and precise stacks of white project boxes, and you have his Duluth, Minn., workspace. More

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the clure project, duluth, minn.

Despite their radical break with tradition, the three black cubes dotting this hillside received no negative feedback from their blue-collar neighbors. More

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