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The 6 Nominees for the James Beard Restaurant Design Awards

These awards honor the best in restaurant design since 2011. More

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Morning News Roundup: Cool Spaces Bill Cunningham

Architecture critic Mary Louise Schumacher reviews new TV show "Cool Spaces,"... More

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Morning News Roundup: Arthur Gensler, King of San Francisco

A profile on Arthur Gensler, deliberations on architecture toys and maker culture,... More

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Morning News Roundup: Architects, Drones, and Movies

Forensic Architecture has developed a Web-based map to track drone strikes for the... More

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Morning News Roundup: TIME on One World Trade Center

TIME cover story on 1 WTC, tiny houses for the homeless, and more news. More

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mind the gapweaetxdyvaydzcwq

When summer residences are closed in with drywall, they lose the casual charm of the old uninsulated beach houses, says architect Robert Young, AIA. The task of exposing the rafters of this lakeside home got him thinking about using materials in ways that express their strengths. More

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