The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) is accepting proposals for the second year of its annual Interior Design Research Grant Program, titled “Transform.” The program, which focuses on projects detailing the real-world interaction between interior design and human behavior, will give out up to three grants of $35,000 each. Interior designers, scientists, educators, and interdisciplinary collaborators can submit their proposals through Oct. 3.

ASID wants proposals to offer practical applications to interior designers and their clients alike, and as a result does not want proposals for basic, historical, or literary research. The society wants the grant to be used for one- to two-year projects, although it may be used as a start-up for a longer project.  Last year, the ASID gave one $100,000 grant to the Materials Research Collaborative, a two-year project of the Healthy Building Network that helps builders learn which products are hazardous to human health.

Judy Pickett, ASID Foundation chair society fellow, says regardless of what proposals wind up receiving the grants, interior designers will have the benefit of making better-informed decisions. "With this new and updated evidence-based research, designers are given relevant information that they are able to use with all clients in all areas of design. Nothing gets more powerful than that."

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