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  • back to basics

    I've just returned from a stretch in Maine, where I stayed in a bare-bones summer cottage overlooking a peaceful bay. The cottage is in Brooklin—with an "i"—near where E.B. White wrote the trio of children's books that includes Charlotte's Web.

  • staying interested

    What do you do to stay interested in your chosen profession? I'm thinking about anyone who's had the same job or type of work for 10 years or more. Even if you love what you're doing, it's almost inevitable that at some point you'll feel a little stale. Those of us in the creative professions are...

  • where will the loft-lovers live?

    "Name one new modern subdivision. I'll bet you can't." That was the challenge from our cover guy, Rodney Friedman, FAIA, a former leader among cutting-edge merchant-housing designers.

  • this story isn't about you

    Surely, the experienced and talented architect would have no problem succeeding at this fairly basic assignment.

  • identity crisis

    New-home buyers shop by label, too. If they're purchasing a production house, they're choosing a Pulte, Toll Brothers, or Taylor Woodrow. If they're building a custom home, they'll hire an architect by reputation as well. Maybe they're interested in collecting a house by you as they would a...

  • hire yourself

    Architects are highly skilled arbiters of good taste. For the most part, they're much more adept than the lay population at designing things we admire.

  • heirloom houses

    Whatever kind of house you design and build, chances are it's going to be around for a while. Houses are not disposable goods, intended to be used and then cast aside. Or are they?

  • today show ignores an architect

    I used to think the biggest challenge facing residential architects was their reputation for arrogance.

  • from the editor: you oughta be in pictures

    do you know what's standing between you and fame?

  • too many choices

    What was so good about the good old days? Maybe it was the simplicity that comes of having limited choices.

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