Up Front

  • the not so ugly house

    By most measures, it was one of the most successful home-building conventions since the '80s. So, why did I come back with a little dark cloud over my head?

  • follow the leader

    Why do we love stories about successful people so much? A&E built a hit cable station largely on the popularity of its celebrity biographies. But every medium has plumbed the lives of the rich and famous, looking for the secrets of their success. Maybe if we watch, read, or listen closely enough...

  • Hold On To Your Work

    How can you hold on to your work? How can you preserve it for yourself, your family, your prospective clients, your biographer?

  • Good Neighborhood Policy

    You probably think you could design something better with your good hand tied behind your back. Well, why don't you?

  • a question of value

    I've gathered from our scads of e-mails about architectural fees that this downward pressure on prices is happening to residential architects, too. With so many sources for house design, consumers are understandably driven to find the “value equation” in this extremely expensive purchase. Many...

  • the charge brigade

    Many of my correspondents wrote to tell me they could retire now if they made that much per house. That fee is their American dream. No, they told me, their compensation for full architectural services (including construction observation) on a custom home amounts to what a real estate agent makes...

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