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  • 2F 120-4, Imae-Dong Bundang-Gu

    + 82 31 701 2880,2881


  • Chanjoong Kim

Firm Description

THE_SYSTEM LAB proposes the innovative solutions for the cultural environment that our society is facing while respecting the diversity of the existing culture. This is the vision of THE_SYSTEM LAB.

System is not a combination of simple elements.
It is the harmonious relationship of the value creating elements.

The pure existence of various cells do not bring vitality. A life is created only through the harmonious interaction of each cell. We not only take into consideration of the factors such as budget, duration, program, size and market demand as an individual element, but also understand the inter-relationship of each element. We believe every project features its own intrinsic relationship within itself. To discover the optimized correlation is our starting point in every project involved. This also means that we find the intrinsic relationship, ‘THE_SYSTEM’, and to bring it to life.

It’s not always the best to choose the conventional architectural construction methods.

The new construction methods of THE_SYSTEM LAB is to create the noble value that has not been solved within the frame of conventional industry. Our accumulated experience in the modern industrial system and technology together with our expansive vision open up the new possibilities. This does not necessarily result in higher risks, more budget or longer construction duration. It is quite the contrary. We know that it is difficult to reach the optimized solution through the conventional architectural construction methods or standards. Because we understand you are expecting a value far beyond.

Design is not a drawing.
It is a technology of emotions and tangible properties to create a new experiential value.

We at THE_SYSTEM LAB believe that architecture is not just an act of building properties, but to mold the user’s lifestyle into a given space. Our initial approach involves our client’s budget, duration as well as thorough research and analysis on the user’s lifestyle, brand identity and insights. In order to realize the construction technology and emotional value required by the modern society, we provide you with the practical design through the latest digital design and fabrication technology.

This is the birth of a new industrial system to reenact the forgotten handicraft value and emotions. Here at the FACTORY EDITION of THE_SYSTEM LAB, your vision will be realized.


  1. Award Winning Hannam-Dong HANDS Corporation Headquarters

    Hannam-Dong HANDS Corporation Headquarters

    Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

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