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MEMUZE highlights a new dimensional form of a sustainable participatory museum where people can visit, share and communicate with each other about a certain story creating an expression and give their own ideas of a specific content. The MEMUZE concept is respecting the nubian culture and giving them the importance of Luxor visitors memory within different categories (music, food, fashion, cloth, handcrafts, portraits and paintings) linking them with the visitors 5 senses concluding with a new sense of perception. Luxor is a nostalgic dream: a dream for those who have not visited and a nostalgia for people who visited carrying a lot of memories, stories and experiences. Nubians give positive image about their city of its culture and life style and how to share them and respecting the pharaonic civilization as it is an essential part of their history. The form is generated from extruding the topography of the site in the shape of pharonic temples”Trapizoid” flipping the form upside down highlights the new concept of changing the approach of the a normal museum to a sustainable participatory memory museum.
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