More stories about multifamily

  • One Madison Park, New York

    One Madison Park is a study in proportion and lightness.

  • Seattle Care Cancer Alliance Patient House, Seattle

    Weinstein A|U's Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Patient House creates a nurturing, healing environment.

  • 930 Poydras Residential Tower, New Orleans

    Eskew+Dumez+Ripple designed welcoming social spaces into a 250-unit building.

  • Formosa 1140, West Hollywood, Calif.

    With this West Hollywood, Calif., multifamily project, Lorcan O'Herlihy, FAIA, turns the concept of courtyard housing on its head—or, rather, on its side.

  • Hancock Mixed-Use, West Hollywood, Calif.

    This West Hollywood, Calif., project combines an impressive mix of uses in less than an acre.

  • One Eleven Mixed-Use Development, Baton Rouge, La.

    Our judges roundly praised this mixed-use building as a truly urban insertion and a shining precedent for a downtown undergoing a renaissance.

  • the titan, san diego, calif.

    Art and architecture intersect at the Titan, a 22-unit apartment building in San Diego. Jonathan Segal, FAIA, conceived the building's two-part facade after viewing the abstract planes of a Richard Diebenkorn painting.

  • the city of tomorrow, malmo, sweden

    A former brownfield polluted by a Saab factory is now the site of the most environmentally advanced apartment complex in this Swedish city, a ferry's ride from Copenhagen.

  • montage, palo alto, calif.

    This transformation from suburban parking lot to high-density housing for university students and young professionals was "extraordinarily well-done" said the judges. Architect Alex Seidel calls his architecture eclectic, with its mix of materials and imagery drawn from the area's agricultural...

  • park hill north condominiums, washington, d.c.

    The success of Ralph Cunningham and Lee Quill's first multifamily project has nothing to do with beginner's luck. "It was a true collaboration," says Quill. The architects not only produced an alluring design within 80-foot-wide-by-90-foot-tall constraints, but respect was thoughtfully paid to the...