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  • Product: Planar Systems Mosaic

    Flat LCD display panels to create a composite video wall system

  • Kaleidoscope Collection of Colored Glass Surfaces

    General Glass uses its proprietary direct-to-glass printing technology to present fractal geometric shapes on interior and exterior surfaces with its new Kaleidoscope Collection.

  • Vision Gas Fireplaces From Gavin Scott

    Vision gas fireplaces from U.K.-based designer Gavin Scott are now available with colored interiors and surrounds.

  • Dickens Chair by Dutch Designer Dick Spierenburg

    With its wood frame, spacious armrests, and thick, square cushions, Dutch designer Dick Spierenburg’s Dickens chair gives the classic 1950s smoke chair a modern look.

  • The Leather Swivel Armchair by Bao

    The Bao armchair swivels to show off its melding of leather and fabric in a curved form that its creators equate to the tailored look of a soft, leather ball.

  • Product: New Ravenna Mosaics Climbing Vine

    A nature-inspired mosaic design featuring stones or jewel glass.

  • Sliding Doors with Pet Access

    Jeld-Wen is targeting its four-legged clientele by adding a separate, secure-closing pet panel to its Vinyl Sliding Patio Door as a way for pets to easily move between indoor and outdoor spaces.

  • Scroll Cabinet Pulls by Turnstyle Designs

    Turnstyle Designs’ Scroll cabinet pulls borrow the aesthetic of ancient scrolls in a handle application.

  • Composting Toilet

    Sun-Mar. The firm’s composting toilets evaporate urine and compost solid waste, so there’s no output or contamination of groundwater.

  • The Crayola Collection by Surfaces

    Working in conjunction with the Easton, Pa.,-based company, Surfaces has translated Crayola’s iconic bright colors into equally vivid glass mosaic tiles in either solid or variegated hues.