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  • German Company Makes Glow-in-the-Dark Concrete

    Yes, it's true: glow-in-the-dark concrete now exists, thanks to German-based manufacturer Kann and its NightTec Leuchtsteine pavers.

  • A Visit to Coop Himmelb(l)au's Akron Art Museum

    On a recent trip to Ohio, Blaine Brownell got the opportunity to visit the Akron Art Museum designed by Coop Himmelb(l)au and compares it to the Busan Cinema Center in South Korea.

  • Study Reveals Design's Influence on Student Performance

    A UK university and architecture firm research the effects of classroom design on academic performance to help demonstrate the correlation between good design and human performance.

  • Biological Concrete for Living Façades

    The Structural Technology Group at the Universitat Politèctica de Catalunya (UPC) in Barcelona is developing a multilayered concrete panel system designed to support the growth of mosses, fungi, and lichens.

  • Oil Silo Transformed into Civic Space

    As port cities expand, industrial activities near urban centers—especially along waterfront properties—tend to be displaced by more-profitable residential and commercial programs. One lighting company decided to turn an oil silo in Helsinki into a piece of art.

  • Fighting Disease with Molecular CAD/CAM

    The tools used for architecture and construction, from CAD to 3D printing, are now also being used to design disease-fighting DNA.

  • Light as Sculpture in Asif Khan's Parhelia Pavilion

    Asif Khan's pavilion for Art Basel, commissioned by Swarovski and using 1.5 million crystals, captures the light phenomenon parhelia, but disappoints architecturally.

  • Flowers Harvest Metal While Cleaning the Earth

    Flowers not only make everything look better, they may now also purify toxic earth, Blaine Brownell reports, thanks to processes being developed at the University of Warwick.

  • MVRDV's Book Tower to the Sky

    Despite, or maybe because of, the rise of the e-book, libraries are reinventing themselves. MVRDV's new library in Spijkenisse, Netherlands, organizes a literal mountain of books in a glass enclosure.

  • Virtual Reality Takes Building Models to the Next Level

    With the help of mobile technology, virtual reality offers promising architectural applications, Blaine Brownell reports.