More stories about Mind %26 Matter

  • Zeolites Used to Reduce Off-Gassing in Wood Products

    Since formaldehyde, used in particle board and other building materials, has negative health effects in large amounts, scientists in Germany have found minerals to absorb formaldehyde emissions. But it's only a stopgap, says Blaine Brownell, to a larger problem.

  • Architecture That Inspires Exercise

    The parkour, or freestyle, movement is a sport that invites kids and adults alike to treat the city as a gymnasium. One great example is the MountMitte climber's paradise in Berlin, Blaine Brownell reports.

  • Printing LEDs on Paper

    Illuminated wallpaper or light-emitting curtains could happen, thanks to a new process for developing LEDs, reports Blaine Brownell.

  • Making Landscapes from Bottle Caps

    Artist Heidi Fowler uses bottle caps filled with junk mail to make beautiful landscapes for an exhibit in Maryland, writes Blaine Brownell.

  • Solar Cells for Windows Harvest Infrared Light

    The solar-harnessing window has long been on the green-building wish list. Researchers at UCLA may now have a solution, Blaine Brownell reports.

  • Beatbox Pavilion Exhibits Design's Ascension at the Olympics

    The Beijing Olympics launched the new era of designer Olympics, and this year's Olympic Games in London prove the trend with examples such as Asif Kahn and Permilla Ohrstedt's Coca-Cola Beatbox pavilion sculpture.

  • Olympic Cauldron Celebrates Collective Olympic Experience

    Thomas Heatherwick's kit-of-parts style shows itself in this year's Olympic Cauldron, made up of about 200 hundred petals that represent each participating country. It also furthers this Olympic's inclusionary theme.

  • Robotic Jellyfish Made from Plastic and Rat Muscle

    Biology, engineering, materials science, and design come together to make a rat-muscle-based, synthetic, swimming jellyfish, Blaine Brownell reports.

  • Researchers Confirm Existence of Dark Matter

    Scientists at the University of Michigan discovered a filament of dark matter that connects two galaxies, Blaine Brownell reports, giving evidence to the previously undetectable skeleton that imparts structure to the universe.

  • 3D-Printing Vasculature with Sugar

    Inspired by the "Body Worlds" exhibit, University of Pennsylvania postdoctoral fellow Jordan Miller thought of the idea to 3D print freestanding vascular networks separately from other tissues, Blaine Brownell reports.