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  • The Resilient Home

    Residential design as a creative way to negotiate habitation and nature.

  • Ivenue Love-Stanley Wins the AIA 2014 Whitney M. Young Jr. Award

    Ivenue Love-Stanley, an Atlanta architect and civic entrepreneur, is being recognized for her work as an advocate for architecture's potential to transform society.

  • New Amsterdams

    As water levels and the risk profiles of major coastal cities rise, new experts are meeting the challenge.

  • Jordan Dead Sea Development Zone Master Plan

    Amman, Jordan / Sasaki Associates

  • Innovations in Home Building Rethink Status Quo

    New residential design concepts challenge old rules relating to suburban zoning, construction methods, and neighborhood planning.

  • what's bred in the zone

    Despite public perception, most experienced architects I've talked with don't prefer the proverbial “blank slate” commission.

  • a zone of one's own

    For several years, architect Kyle Gaffney made occasional visits to a friend's vacation house in Orondo, Wash. He learned all the area's secrets—the best places to water-ski, the idiosyncrasies of the local weather, and the endless variety of fruit grown

  • fitting in

    In many parts of the country, we're running out of buildable land for single-family housing. The solution in my neck of the woods is the teardown or infill house.

  • city rhythms

    Urban infill is perhaps the most important housing typology an architect can pursue. Not only does it promote density, it repairs decaying communities, creates new neighborhoods, and utilizes existing infrastructure.

  • go ahead and break some rules

    a substantial part of an architect's job is to ensure compliance with building codes, zoning regulations, architectural guidelines.