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  • ADP: Economy Adds Jobs in September, but Pace Is Still Slow

    According to payroll company ADP and their partner Moody’s Analytics, the U.S. economy added 166,000 jobs in September. The construction industry added 16,000 jobs and the professional/business services sector added 27,000 jobs.

  • Young Students Discover New Possibilities With Construction

    A program in Cincinnati shows at-risk children the benefits of going into the housing industry.

  • reaching out

    Good professional advice is often elusive. It might come from a trusted mentor, a members-only round table, or an informal group of savvy peers, but you have to make the effort to go out and find it.

  • back to the drawing board

    a new program launched by three industry groups seeks to help jobless designers get back in the game.

  • architecture: a good career choice?

  • aia to recognize diversity best practices

  • report from the front

    Susan Maxman, FAIA, started her architectural practice in 1980—an era she calls the Dark Ages for women. On one project for a Dayton, Ohio, couple, the husband refused to believe she was an architect until he saw the registration credentials in her office.

  • for senior staff only

    Employee retreats can serve all kinds of purposes, but when a firm's guiding lights get together each year, their tasks are fairly clear-cut.

  • the decade ahead

    A 10-year anniversary is a good time not only to look back and appreciate the progress you've made but also to do a reality check on where you're headed and then make the necessary course corrections.

  • gilding the cage

    A 47-year-old architect who owns a six-person firm in the Midwest is worried that her second-in-command is going to leave and start his own business. Her 15-year practice, which she incorporated five years ago, specializes in high-end residential remodeling, so she spends a lot of time training...