More stories about Whole-House Systems

  • studio time

    The Studio Collection is a line of home technology devices affordably priced from around $7.50 (for wall plates) to $1,380 (for a whole-house audio system).

  • Gray Matters

    Mark Larson, AIA, looks forward to the day when a client gives the green light on graywater harvesting, a system that allows homeowners to capture and reuse wastewater.

  • thanks, but no tanks

    The Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH) is a HUD-funded program whose goal, in part, is improving the energy efficiency of houses. So when PATH decided to build its first concept home to showcase its mission, it picked the best building technologies available, including insulated...

  • Museum Gets a Smart Home

    A modular house by Michelle Kaufmann is the main feature of an eco-friendly living exhibit.

  • musical intelligence

    an advanced plug-and-play system caters whole-house audio control to the information age.

  • random harvest

    After several years of tentative steps, national green building programs are making strides toward getting their residential guidelines—and their delivery systems—up and running. Just finishing up is the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED for Homes pilot project, a year-and-a-half-long experiment...

  • standardizing multiroom audio

  • catch the a-bus

    whole-house audio integration drives ahead.

  • future-proofed

    In a tract-home development, electronics subcontractors have the luxury of designing in a predictable array of audio systems, home networking gear, and maybe a home theater. They offer cookie-cutter packages, and then home buyers either opt in or out of t

  • look what's talking

    Last century, X10 was synonymous with affordable home control. This century's de facto control standard for the mainstream market has yet to be crowned, but various home-control platforms are vying for bragging rights. Some use power lines, some use the Internet protocol, and others operate over...