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  • light lift

    Morphosis I Alpha wraps comfortingly around bathers, encircling them in mood-enhancing Illumatherapy.

  • serenity now

    With its gentle slopes at both ends, the Cerine tub invites repose. Heavy-gauge stainless steel in a satin finish retains the water's warmth, prolonging a sumptuous soak.

  • hot seat

    Allegro modular saunas blend contemporary styling with Old World luxury.

  • pro choice

    Choose between a traditional Finnish sauna heater or nine infrared wall panel heaters in the Synergy combo sauna.

  • bath: shower play

    Hidden behind a 7-foot-tall, free-floating headboard is a small passage to a simply sybaritic master bath. Its spare design belies the decadent offerings contained within the 270-square-foot space.

  • grass skirt

    Diamond Spas' Japanese soaking tub.

  • bath: stone heart

    Renovating a bathroom is somewhat like surgery. First, you must do no harm. Working around existing plumbing, wiring, and venting, architect Alex Harrow skillfully inserted a new, more vigorous heart into this master bath: a custom solid granite tub weighing 2,500 pounds—empty.