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  • designers predict kitchen and bath trends for 2010

    Some style preferences for kitchens and baths will shift, but many previous trends will continue to develop and evolve over the coming year.

  • skin tight

    Stone Forest sinks are made from bamboo's hard outer skin, which is then laminated, the sink is both lightweight and durable, the maker says.

  • heaven-sent

    Glass artisan Steve Weinstock, of Alchemy Glass & Light, found inspiration for his Celestial Series of sinks in the iconic work of artist Jasper Johns.

  • wowzer, houzer

    HOUZER's Novus Series offers everything plus the kitchen sink, fusing good looks with great function.

  • Modern Medley

    Franke has combined work surfaces of tempered glass with stainless steel bowls for hip, easy-to-clean kitchen sinks.

  • prix de due

    The Piu Due suite balances geometric bath furniture with free-form fixtures.

  • urban legends

    Straight edges and sleek details give Cole & Co.'s Urban Theory collection a clean look.

  • stone soul

    Hand-carved from a single piece of granite, the Michael Zimber-designed Zen stone basin brings natural tranquility to the bath.

  • sound and fuera

    Crafted from a single piece of onyx or granite, Fuera vessels keep a low, albeit lovely, profile.

  • happy days

    Alterstudio Architects: Happy D. sinks from Duravit.