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  • the down low

    If the thought of a homely shower drain keeps you up at night, Sugar Hill, Ga.-based MTI Whirlpools has a solution: the Concealed Drain shower base.

  • sustainable spa

    Methven's Satinjet Tahi shower system delivers a waterfall spray of 3,000 droplets per second, but only consumes 2.3 gallons of water per minute.

  • spring showers

    Under the Tree reinvents al fresco showering with its clever features and eye-catching design.

  • work out

    Incorporating commercial trends in the home kitchen is one thing, but Adamstein and Demetriou didn't stop there.

  • new material

  • interlocking pieces

    The third-floor master bath, part of a new glass-and-copper addition that KUBE Architecture attached to the back of the house, had none of the kitchen's constraints. There were no historic details worth preserving in the privacy of the top floor, so Bloom

  • inside out

    Small, versatile, and sustainable with strong indoor-outdoor ties. These were the goals Tom Lenchek, AIA, had in mind for his own vacation home in the Cascade Mountains. The lone bathroom in this 1,400-square-foot cabin is a microcosm of those ambitions.

  • bath: shower play

    Hidden behind a 7-foot-tall, free-floating headboard is a small passage to a simply sybaritic master bath. Its spare design belies the decadent offerings contained within the 270-square-foot space.