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  • Nest Leads the Launch of a New Internet Protocol for Home Automation

    A group of seven manufacturers and developers has announced an open networking platform that addresses issues including interoperability and power requirements.

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    Research and the public interest.

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    As water levels and the risk profiles of major coastal cities rise, new experts are meeting the challenge.

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    Architects and healthcare providers agree that flexible design is crucial to controlling future costs for healthcare.

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    Returning some rights to the rightless.

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    Ten years after 9/11, how can design improve security?

  • More Architects Are Working From Home to Save Money

    If you've considered abandoning your commercial digs for the comfort and low overhead of home, you're not alone. The number of home-based entrepreneurs is likely to boom over the next few years.

  • future-proofed

    In a tract-home development, electronics subcontractors have the luxury of designing in a predictable array of audio systems, home networking gear, and maybe a home theater. They offer cookie-cutter packages, and then home buyers either opt in or out of t

  • look what's talking

    Last century, X10 was synonymous with affordable home control. This century's de facto control standard for the mainstream market has yet to be crowned, but various home-control platforms are vying for bragging rights. Some use power lines, some use the Internet protocol, and others operate over...