More stories about Recycling

  • something old, something new

    Architect Griz Dwight, AIA, was doing an adaptive reuse project in the Washington, D.C., area when he came upon a brick wall that had been covered over with a thick layer of plaster.

  • Recycled Glass Surfacing Changes Color

  • growing green

    Everyone agrees that environmentally sound building materials and methods are quickly drifting toward the architectural mainstream. Google the term “green building,” and a long list of trade shows and directories pops up. But while items such as flyash co

  • retreat reclaimed

    A tranquil retreat with strong outdoor ties and opportunities to display treasured mementos was the client's mandate for her second home, overlooking the bay in Sausalito, Calif.

  • tile revival

    Beer and wine bottles become Blazestone mosaic tiles' earth-tone patterns, while stained glass waste results in the company's brighter selections.

  • cool composite

    A mix of recycled glass and concrete makes up IceStone.

  • climate control

    Oceanside Glasstile combines up to 85 percent recycled glass with raw sand to generate many of its glass tile offerings.

  • plastic redux

    Durat solid surfaces contain 50 percent recycled plastic and are 100 percent recyclable, according to the company.

  • retired tires

    Yemm & Hart offers three different surface materials made from discarded tires, detergent bottles, and PVC plastic scraps.

  • shard thing

    EnviroGLAS Terrazzo takes crushed, 100 percent recycled glass and bonds it with a color-pigmented resin to produce durable, poured-in-place countertops and floors. This stain- and bacteria-resistant material doesn't off-gas and is easily maintained with common soaps and cleansers.