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  • Lake Minnetonka Retreat House, Designed by Snow Kreilich Architects

    With its two intersecting volumes and a bevy of views, this Deephaven, Minn., house designed by Snow Kreilich Architects is a meticulously detailed exercise in restraint.

  • On The Boards: Wavehouse

    A San Francisco multifamily building abstracts the city's traditional bay windows.

  • Formica Introduces VIVIX

    VIVIX becomes the first U.S.-branded exterior rainscreen panel.

  • Knight Wall Systems predesigned wall system

    Knight Wall Systems come prefabricated to accept various cladding material.

  • James Hardie Commercial Reveals New System

    Hardie Reveal Panel is a comprehensive cladding system with a contemporary look.

  • rain coat

    Alchemy Architects: VaproShield's WallShield breathable membrane.

  • great walls

    John Dennis Murphey, AIA, used to specify his exterior walls the way everyone else did—with 2x4 studs, fiberglass insulation, sheathing, and so on—but very little about his walls is the same anymore. Today he designs high-performing exterior walls that ar

  • outer limits

    Any product junkie knows many innovative developments happen overseas. Another import now making incremental inroads in this country is the ventilated façade—a wall system many architects and building scientists cite as one of the most effective ways to clad a building.