More stories about Paints

  • flamboyant fish

    Aquarius Series ceramic tiles add a touch of the Caribbean to any room. Five sea-inspired designs (among them, starfish and ocean waves) come in 4- or 5-inch square tiles, coordinating borders, and accent pieces.

  • macchiato madness

    The high-design Profi-Coffee Center cooks up complex coffee-house concoctions or simply brews a cup of freshly ground java. The built-in, plumbed, stainless steel, self-cleaning, automated unit guides bean fiends through one-touch menu options or minute grind ratios and temperatures.

  • tourist trap

    More attractive than the fabled falls is the Niagara bathroom set created by hip Italian designer Paolo LaCivita. Lacquered oak cabinets come in 16-inch or 60-inch drawer units and mix with matching counters of various lengths for powder rooms or master suites.

  • hot seat

    Myson, manufacturers of European radiators, expands its U.S. offerings with steamy new designs such as this bench radiator. The artful piece of furniture incorporates a five- or six-column radiator beneath a laminated beech seat.

  • face the future

    I watched my grandfather mix paint from linseed oil and pigment. I watched my father excavate, frame, plumb, wire, heat, roof, and finish houses.