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  • cost-effective marketing in down economy

    The state of the housing market and the economy in general has many people a little down, if not outright depressed. So Horsham, Pa.-based architects Luce & Associates decided to try to perk up its clients and contacts in the industry with a cheerful holiday e-card.

  • architects talk back

    Readers react to November/December 2008 editorial, "What Plays in Peoria."

  • watch your language

    The word "educate" has been wildly misappropriated by members of various professions, and architects, alas, are no exception. I respectfully suggest you banish the word—and all the patronizing thinking it encourages—from your practice.

  • prospecting

    My firm, Hutker Architects, has a multifaceted marketing program. One key ingredient is our Web site. It took a good deal of capital and person-hours to create, and the site continues to require attention to remain fresh.

  • identity crisis

    New-home buyers shop by label, too. If they're purchasing a production house, they're choosing a Pulte, Toll Brothers, or Taylor Woodrow. If they're building a custom home, they'll hire an architect by reputation as well. Maybe they're interested in collecting a house by you as they would a...

  • a question of value

    I've gathered from our scads of e-mails about architectural fees that this downward pressure on prices is happening to residential architects, too. With so many sources for house design, consumers are understandably driven to find the “value equation” in this extremely expensive purchase. Many...