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  • Direct to Video

    CRANtv and the client connection.

  • Walmart Wants To Add 3D Printing to Its Retail Empire

    The world’s largest retailer is investing in 3D printing, which may be a $8.4 billion industry by 2020.

  • Architects Need to Stop the Superior Dance

    We all want to see a more beautiful world before us. But architects must present a prettier face to the public if they're to be trusted with the opportunity to contribute to its improvement.

  • Keeping Your Best Customers for Life

    Nearly half of all residential architects' business comes from repeat customers, so relationships with past clients shouldn't be left to chance.

  • Doug Ford Holds the Line on Custom Building's True Value

    Over time, Santa Barbara, Calif., -based custom builder Doug Ford built a business that reflects that philosophy, investing in the staff, infrastructure, and systems required to handle the most elaborate residential projects—and their relationship-conscious owners—as a matter of routine.

  • New Editor Touts Magazine's Fresh Start

    This editor's letter introduces the new, redesigned Custom Home as a quarterly, with a hat-tip to upward-bound indices and cautious optimism and a shout-out to new departments written by the same expert hands.

  • How to Talk to Clients

    Architects are trained to use esoteric language to establish their authority. But to get things built they need to both inspire people and put them at ease.

  • Brand Elements

    Notes on names.

  • Builder Taps Into Asian Buyer Demand

    MBK Homes appeals to Asian buyers with targeted marketing and design.

  • The Social Sell

    Social media platforms are putting new labels on an old-school marketing approach: finding the most efficient way to get information to unique audiences (think vendors, homeowner customers, and even employees).