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  • Product Pros and Cons: Oriented Strand Board vs. Plywood

    Which panel is right for your homes?

  • old friends

    Sometimes old is better than new, as ably demonstrated by these salvaged redwood beams from TerraMai.

  • The Down Low

    Rob Paulus Architect: Off-the-shelf materials, such as Baltic birch plywood, can be used in unexpected ways to keep costs low.

  • sources

    Product information from RADA 2007's winning projects.

  • Good Trade

    Roger Ferris + Partners: This project by the firm uses a wood curtain wall system with a light-gauge steel frame for maximum wall transparency—a testament, Ferris says, to the versatility of Tradewood Windows and Doors.

  • rerun of the mill

    reclaimed lumber and other materials are worthy of a second look.

  • golden lumbers

    michael mcdonough architect: Trus Joist's TimberStrand engineered products are made from laminated strand lumber and are free of knots, the company says.

  • is the future now?

    Many homes designed for discriminating clients today contain aspects of green building: passive solar orientation, non-toxic materials and finishes, and sustainably harvested woods. But those features are one-off alternatives to conventional construction, not part of a package.

  • face the future

    I watched my grandfather mix paint from linseed oil and pigment. I watched my father excavate, frame, plumb, wire, heat, roof, and finish houses.

  • quiet time

    It goes without saying that doing an attached multifamily project is a world apart from designing a custom home. After taming site conditions, an architect must tackle such key issues as structure and energy. Less obvious but equally important: noise transmission, a consideration that has become...