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  • Six Tasklights to Brighten Workspaces

    Fixtures from lighting manufacturers Artemide, Luceplan, Marset, and others use streamlined form factors to enhance desktop illumination.

  • Architects Choice: Scott Simons

    This Portland, Me.–based architect discovered the HK Lighting ZX20 Series five years ago.

  • LED Lamp Recalls

    Lamp recalls in the lighting industry are nothing new. As two recent LED lamp recalls show, technology hiccups are to be expected and manufacturers are taking the responsible steps to address the issue.

  • Bright Ideas in Bulbs

    New laws mean fewer incandescent bulbs. To help you prepare, here is a look at CFL, LED, and halogen options.

  • Oil Silo Transformed into Civic Space

    As port cities expand, industrial activities near urban centers—especially along waterfront properties—tend to be displaced by more-profitable residential and commercial programs. One lighting company decided to turn an oil silo in Helsinki into a piece of art.

  • Lighting for Tomorrow Winners Named

    Organized by the American Lighting Association, the Consortium for Energy Efficiency, and the Underwriters Laboratory, the Lighting for Tomorrow competition celebrates its tenth anniversary this year.

  • Natural Lighting

    Windowpanes could be transformed into light sources, thanks to organic light-emitting diodes.

  • 20 Kitchen Design Ideas

    What’s on the front burner for 2011? Three leading kitchen experts offer advice on what’s hot.

  • GE Energy Smart Bulb

    Energy Smart is an LED replacement bulb that looks like an incandescent.

  • green light

    Lutron Electronics' Maestro eco-minder dims homeowners' lights; its LED alerts them if they're conserving energy, too, changing from red to green if energy savings exceed 15 percent.