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  • Five New Sexy and Sustainable Products

    Peruse five high-end introductions into the world of green products that offer clients healthier air quality, lower water and power bills, and reclaimed materials.

  • Douglas Fir Table- and Countertops from Viridian

    Reclaimed Douglas fir table- and countertops from Viridian can add points toward LEED credits.

  • D3 Hardware from Viking

    Viking's D3 line of appliances is now available with custom knobs and handles.

  • Seattle Kitchen and Bath Maximize Water Views

    This home's kitchen and master bath both capture panoramic water views and simultaneously propagate intimacy, privacy, and noise abatement for the homeowners.

  • Signature Elements Kitchen Collection From St. Charles

    St. Charles designer Karen Williams’ Signature Elements collection uses elegant forms finished with a mix of wood types and stains for three pieces that meld the kitchen space into the rest of the home.

  • Bastille Metal Works’ Bar Tops

    A new line of custom-cast zinc and pewter bar counter tops from Bastille Metal Works feature a protective patina and patterned edge profiles add a luxe edge to residential kitchens while opening up the space for a more interactive cooking and dining experience.

  • Under-Counter Refrigeration from True

    True Professional Series’ new under-counter 15-inch stainless steel refrigerator and wine cabinets are designed with home design trends toward more compact and open spaces in mind.

  • Ballard Cut Kitchen, Seattle

    The Seattle house called Ballard Cut takes its name from a waterway that connects the city’s Lake Washington to Puget Sound.

  • Liminal Condition

    Working between two worlds.

  • Kitchen and Bath Sinks From Duravit

    Two ceramic sinks from Duravit prove that cleaner lines and simpler geometries can boost functionality without curtailing aesthetics.