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  • prospecting

    My firm, Hutker Architects, has a multifaceted marketing program. One key ingredient is our Web site. It took a good deal of capital and person-hours to create, and the site continues to require attention to remain fresh.

  • peripheral vision

    An increasing number of architects, it seems, are getting paid to design Web sites and product packaging and to invent brand identities.

  • Living Modern

    LiveModern is a free and open community for modern home buyers, architects, builders, developers, furnishers, lenders, realtors

  • hear our voice nonprofit think tank on architecture education and internship.


    a web resource dedicated to tracking developments in the realm of modernist prefab dwellings.

  • housing prototypes

    housing prototypes is a cross-referenced database of multifamily projects around the world.

  • delirious la

    links, essays, and research relating to architecture, urbanism, and landscape in and around Los Angeles.

  • winner takes all

    Having your design skills validated by other distinguished architects is no small thing.

  • plans for the future

    is your archive ready for a repeat client, a lawsuit, or posterity?

  • the right stuff

    What magic ingredient turns an architect into a success? The answer is talent, certainly, but also the ability to keep up with the ever-evolving world of products and materials, and to use familiar ones inventively.