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  • ask the architect

    A Washington, D.C.-focused site for homeowners, offering information and perspectives on 12 predominant local architectural styles.

  • blog: pro bono junkie

    A blog focusing on pro bono design by members of The Taproot Foundation.

  • blog: new house rules

    Tedd Benson of Bensonwood Homes, developer of the Open-Built construction method, has launched a blog.


    A comprehensive Web-based resource designed exclusively for design and construction trades.

  • AARP Redesigns House for Greater Accessibility

  • New Architecture and Design Titles Released

  • Online Service Offers Free Green House Plans

  • Learn the Ins and Outs of Building Information Modeling

    As Building Information Modeling (BIM) continues to blur the lines between architecture, engineering, and construction disciplines, education among these professions becomes increasingly important.

  • ECOHOME magazine Launched

    ECOHOME magazine, residential architect's newest sister publication, will provide housing industry professionals(architects, remodelers, and builders) with comprehensive information on the latest green products and technologies.

  • Virtually Tour The WIRED LivingHome

    In October 2007, the modular house built by LivingHomes in partnership with WIRED Magazine, designed by Ray Kappe, FAIA, opened its doors to visitors to showcase new innovations and technologies alongside green, sustainable design.