More stories about Hurricanes

  • AIAFuture: Designing Recovery

    Resilience is an evolving design approach, not just a goal.

  • "Rebuild by Design" Competition Envisions Redesign for Areas Affected by Sandy

    A majority of the finalist teams in the multi-stage design competition include Dutch designers and consultants. Could they have the answer to building resilient infrastructure around New York?

  • Eskew Dumez Ripple Wins the AIA 2014 Architecture Firm Award

    Days after the death of founding partner Allen Eskew, the firm wins the Institute's highest honor for its design work across Louisiana and waterfront planning in New Orleans.

  • The Next Files: John Dwyer

    After spending time in New Orleans helping Lower Ninth Ward residents rebuild their homes, Dwyer moved back to Minneapolis.

  • Urban Planner David Dixon On What the Industry Learned About Recovery From Post-Katrina New Orleans

    From the bureaucracy to the grass roots to "hard resilience," David Dixon compares the profession’s recovery efforts from after Hurricane Katrina to after Hurricane Sandy.

  • AIA Presents ‘Designing Recovery’ Awards

    The AIA has concluded an ideas competition aimed at designing disaster-responsive homes for New York, New Orleans, and Joplin, Mo.

  • architects discuss lessons from post-katrina rebuilding

  • Post-Disaster Design Services for Myanmar

    When local professional resources are inadequate, Architecture for Humanity-supported teams develop low-cost housing and larger-scale community solutions that are regionally and contextually appropriate for areas in crisis-such as those destroyed by hurricanes, tsunamis, or earthquakes-and provide...

  • a template for the future?

    In our current issue of ra, we check in with the architects who are rebuilding and repopulating the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina. Many of them were affected directly by the storm's devastation, losing real property, personal property, and professional prosperity. Perhaps some suffered...

  • project: cottage industry

    When 170-some New Urbanists convened the Mississippi Renewal Forum in Biloxi, Miss., to brainstorm the Gulf Coast reconstruction, they knew it would be a long row to hoe. Two years and dozens of charrettes later, work is still under way to rewrite planning codes that support thoughtful, mixed-use...