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  • super save

    Three neglected buildings are rediscovered, repaired, and reused as residential.

  • a bath undivided

    The open floor plans so commonly seen in homes' public living spaces in recent years are finding their way into private areas as well.

  • rock harbor

    A free-flowing bedroom—with floor-to-ceiling glass overlooking the Baltic Sea—segues directly into the bathing and living areas. “Bedroom and bath are one,” Helineva says of the open layout.

  • New Products From PCBC 2008

  • finding emo

    Using a CMYK ink-jet printing process, a Spanish tile manufacturer can produce a full-bleed transfer of photo-quality images on porcelain tile, allowing homeowners to transform their walls or floors into their favorite photograph or drawing.

  • flor score

    Finding worthy products for price-conscious custom homes is a tough gig. FLOR modular carpet tiles are easy to install, easy on the wallet, and easy on the environment.

  • bargain bamboo

    Finding worthy products for price-conscious custom homes is a tough gig. Ikea's Kvist bamboo flooring is gentle on the planet and the pocketbook, at just $2.88 per square foot.

  • sources

    Product information from RADA 2007's winning projects.

  • trend setters

    At a press conference late Wednesday afternoon, Enzo Mularoni, vice chairman for promotional activities at the Italian Trade Commission, says that the contraction in Italian tiles in the United States relates to price points and not to market loss. The co

  • Gray Matter

    Audrey Matlock Architect: Concrete flooring from the Portland Cement Association offers a strong, low-maintenance alternative to other flooring surfaces.