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  • upward mobility

    The Washington, D.C.-based Gypsum Association estimates that at least 90 percent of all new and remodeled homes are constructed with gypsum interior walls. Considering the material's design versatility, easy installation, and relatively low cost, it's not

  • local color

    Some artists seek the peace they need for their creative processes by retreating from the urbanity around them. Not the owner of this Los Angeles studio, who paints in oils as a sideline to his job in the entertainment industry.

  • architects' choice: grizform design architects

  • Washington, D.C., Residence

    It's what's missing in this master bath that gives it an award-winning look.

  • double click

    Sleek simplicity distinguishes the Linea line of decorative hardware for the bath. Towel bars and rings, toothbrush holders, hooks, shelves, pulls, and soap dishes are available in polished chrome or brushed nickel.

  • walk the cork

    wheeler kearns architects: Expanko cork floating flooring is laminated with medium density fiberboard and available in 12-by-36-inch planks or a range of tiles in dimensions up to 12 by 36 or 24 by 24 inches.

  • floor encore

    shope reno wharton associates: Paris Ceramics antique limestone floors are reclaimed from old stone floors then cleaned and formatted to fit into modern homes.

  • coup de grass

    michael mcdonough architect: Smith & Fong bamboo flooring is made from laminated strips of what is essentially a grass and comes in unfinished or pre-finished formats measuring 3¾ by 75 inches.

  • re-tired

    mj neal architects: Tuflex uses recycled rubber from tires to make its flooring. Square tiles come in 2 ft.-by-2 ft. sections.

  • the wheel reinvented

    ms-31: Roppe rubber flooring tiles can be used to absorb and reduce noise and are made from recycled tires.