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  • cool chrome

    Retroactiv premium line of bath and kitchen fixtures hearkens back to the heyday of 1950s American cool.

  • deco light

    Rejuvenation now fits 18 of its classic Deco fixtures with compact fluorescent technology.

  • nifty '50s

    Northstar appliances can turn even the most staid kitchen into a sock-hoppin' space, with mirror chrome detailing and rounded corners straight from the 1950s.

  • psychedelic surface

    Formica's hip color collection evokes the swinging '60s with groovy hues such as pumpkin, grasshopper, and oxygen.

  • mckinley bathroom, omaha, neb.

    When a Home Depot opened up in Omaha, Neb., it sparked a subversive idea in local architect Randy Brown's mind. "You can buy a bath there and basically plug it into your house," he says. "We decided to do the opposite."

  • heavenly blow

    Division One Architects: Luceplan USA's Blow ceiling fan.

  • discreet attachments

    Division One Architects: Lutron Electronics Co.'s Satin Colors line of dimmers and wall switch accessories.

  • bath: stone heart

    Renovating a bathroom is somewhat like surgery. First, you must do no harm. Working around existing plumbing, wiring, and venting, architect Alex Harrow skillfully inserted a new, more vigorous heart into this master bath: a custom solid granite tub weighing 2,500 pounds—empty.