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    Fixtures from lighting manufacturers Artemide, Luceplan, Marset, and others use streamlined form factors to enhance desktop illumination.

  • Architects Choice: Scott Simons

    This Portland, Me.–based architect discovered the HK Lighting ZX20 Series five years ago.

  • StyleDrain Tile by California Faucets

    This shower drain allows for the inlay of tile or stone over the drain to match the flooring, which creates the illusion of water disappearing into the floor.

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  • Shagreen Pulls and Levers by Turnstyle

    Turnstyle’s Shagreen collection may look like real stingray skin, but the designers took the more politically correct route by casting the composite material for its new collection of door and cabinet pulls.

  • Turnstyle Designs Announces New Website

    Turnstyle Designs’ new website offers architects, builders, and clients a streamlined look at the company’s architectural hardware inventory and pricing.

  • Product: Pott Sponge

    A spherical light fixture with a porous texture that draws inspiration from a sea sponge.

  • Product: Louis Poulsen Enigma 825

    A glare-free light fixture with integrated shades designed by Shoichi Uchiyama.