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  • Builders’ Show Products, Day 2

    9 new products, including tankless water heaters, off-grid backup generators, and lightweight fireplace surrounds.

  • Heat & Glo's RED Series

    RED Series linear gas fireplace offers recessed glass in the firebox.

  • wide angle

    Tobler Duncker: The Superior TM-4500 by Lennox Hearth Products, a clean-face wood-burning fireplace with a large opening, eliminates the need for costly masonry construction.

  • Inside the Box

    Heat & Glo's gas fireplaces

  • Code-Approved Wood Stove

  • burn notice

    Spark, the manufacturer of unconventional modern gas fireplaces, now offers a burner system–dubbed the Linear Burner System Outdoor–that allows architects to bring the same styling outdoors.

  • déjà flue

    EcoSmart's Retro fireplace was inspired by 1960s pop culture motifs, with rounded corners and a tube design that suits various architectural styles.

  • liquid fire

    EcoSmart's Fusion fireplace burns denatured ethanol made from agricultural products such as sugarcane, potatoes, bananas, and beetroot.

  • advanced degrees

    Owners of pellet stoves like Quadra-Fire's Santa Fe can control the intensity of their fires with the flick of a switch.

  • northern lights

    Artequa's patented “Digital Living Lights Process” is endearingly schizophrenic: One minute it's a fire, the next it's a mirror.