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  • superior interiors

    Architect Jim Zack got his first taste of construction when he was 16. He liked it so much he continued to work as a carpenter for five years before heading off to the University of California at Berkeley. “Architecture was a natural extension of what I had been doing,” he says.

  • vision: transform containers into housing

    The iMac proved that consumers crave high design within economic reach. Architect Michael Graves achieved household-name status selling teakettles at Target. So when Robert Humble, AIA, and Joel Egan, Associate AIA, insist that prefab is about to take off because the public is demanding design...

  • casting about

    A clever architect might consider architectural precast stone, a manufactured product that will bring your project within budget and bring you into your clients' good graces.

  • lavocation

    When I was designing my house, I was loathe to use anything off the shelf,” says Whitney Sander, AIA. “There's something satisfying about designing fixtures and fittings—you can get the exact size and quality of light or mood you like.” Apparently others were also captivated by the translucent...