More stories about Exhibitions

  • Zaha Hadid's Parametric Installation at SCI-Arc

    A new installation by Zaha Hadid at SCI-Arc tests the relationship between architectural intent, engineering logistics, and fabrication constraints.

  • Greenbuild and ArchitectureBoston Expo Happening in November

    Custom builders looking for ways to expand, improve, or green their business have two opportunities to take courses, view new products and technologies, and network with peers.

  • Esto Gallery: Esto Editions at the BSA

    An exhibition in the BSA Space, a public gallery at the new Boston Society of Architects headquarters, shows a collection of architectural photographs from the Esto photo house.

  • The Single-Practice Architectural Exhibit: Substance or Advertising?

    Blaine Brownell visits 'Building: Inside Studio Gang Architects' at the Art Institute of Chicago and wonders if exhibits in which architects help curate mean that content gives way to marketing.

  • George Nelson Exhibition at Yale

    Originally compiled by the Vitra Design Museum in Germany, this comprehensive presentation will showcase Nelson’s drawings, furniture pieces, housewares, photographs, and other displays, organized into five sections covering various aspects of his influential career.

  • Exhibition on a Craftsman’s Tools and Techniques

    An array of hand and power tools are interspersed with the sculptures they were used to create in this inventive exhibition called Hammer Chisel Drill: Noguchi’s Studio Practice.

  • Architects Leave Cuba for First Time, New York Exhibit

    The result of a six-week residency in Vermont for two up-and-coming Cuban architects—there on their first trip out of Cuba—is now on exhibit in New York. It's co-curated by architect Ricardo Porro of Cuban National Art Schools fame.

  • Frank Furness, Philadelphia's Architect and Mentor to Louis Sullivan

    On the 100th anniversary of his death, architect Frank Furness gets a revival of recognition for designing hundreds of Philadelphia's buildings—and for influencing Louis Sullivan. The Philadelphia Museum of Art hosts an exhibition that focuses on Furness's relationship with his protégée.

  • Frank Lloyd Wright Honored with Exhibit at the Guggenheim

    In 1953, six years before the Solomon R. Guggenheim museum was opened, some of Wright’s finest work was put on display at a temporary pavilion in New York City. Part of that retrospective, including a Usonian model home, is now on display at the Guggenheim.

  • Josef Frank's Revival Highlighted in Chicago Exhibit

    Austrian-born designer Josef Frank helped warm up characteristically cold Modernism with his floral patterns and eclectic designs. A revival of popularity for his patterns results in a new exhibit, 'The Enduring Designs of Josef Frank.'