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  • Making the Ideal More Real

    The definition of ''humanitarian design'' is still in flux, even if its practice proliferates.

  • New Homes in 2015 Will Be Smaller, With a Touch of Green

    Architects and builders think new homes will continue to shrink under the driving forces of demographic shifts and other influences.

  • New SEED Standard Introduced

    A group of architects, designers, activists, and community leaders recently unveiled a new building standard called SEED (Social Economic Environmental Design) to certify the socioeconomic impact, as well as the environmental relevance, of design projects.

  • More Architects Are Working From Home to Save Money

    If you've considered abandoning your commercial digs for the comfort and low overhead of home, you're not alone. The number of home-based entrepreneurs is likely to boom over the next few years.

  • lifecycle building challenge winners announced

  • vision: control the factory process

    Jennifer Siegal has worked on a kibbutz in Israel, traveled throughout Southeast Asia observing nomadic structures, and lived at the remote Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Texas. But the most important trip she takes these days is to prosaic Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., where production of her prefab...